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  1. 1 minute ago, DragosRS said:

    I don't want to go to an external website to get my mods, steam workshop is mich better + he promised it, if we want mods in multiplayer we need steam workshop, he's a smart guy, he should figure it out at last

    I like this sort of stuff more than steam. I would rather download mods from Paradoxplaza then steam, because you can only download 50 mods per game on steam

  2. 29 minutes ago, Chexier said:

    Now Present Day is the most viewed scenario on the forums. Thank you for everything, community.

    Also, here is a list of conflicts caused by Present Day (inspired by Shiite): http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/1754-list-of-conflicts-caused-by-present-day/

    kek. Congrats, a mod that actually gets updates beat a mod that is practically dead (not dead tho, I'm just working on UMM right now and once I finish that it will be updated). Still, congrats. I have lost some respect for you after the whole "copying city pictures from 11:59" debacle, but putting this much effort into a mod must be commended 

  3. A new "Great War" has started on the discord over some city pictures, so I decided to make a registry for the wars, and their respective victors

    Great Lonathan-Shiite War of 4th-6th of January 2019 (commonly know as the The Great War)

    Participants: @Shiite, @Lonathan, @ITurkishmapping, @($Jake$)

    Victor: Shiite

    Wersjon-Shiite War of 11th of January 2019 (commonly known as the One-Hour War)

    Participants: @Wersjon, @Shiite

    Victor: Shiite

    Modern day + v Present Day

    Participants:  @Chexier@Evidential

    Victor: Chexier

    Great Turkish Rebellion 

    Participants: @Lonathan, @ITurkishmapping

    Victor: Lonathan

    Great Vis-Chexier Discord War

    Participants: @Chexier, @Vis Tacitus, @Hiking1, @enexpi, A unity Dev, НанерХ, Raiderknight

    Victor: Ongoing

    The Great Impostor Crisis 

    Participants: @Chexier, @Lonathan, @Shiite, @Doodlate

    Victor: Anti-Imposter Coalition defeats the fakes and Doodlate admits he was behind the whole thing

    War Stats:

    Longest: The Great War ( technically it's Modern day + v Present Day, but there is never continual fighting, so I rank The Great War above it)

    Shortest: One-Hour War

    Most Prolific Victor: Shiite (3-0)

    Most Prolific Loser: ITurkishmapping (0-2)

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