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  1. tbh i haven't really done anything these past months bc of a lack of motivation, maybe in the future i will resume it
  2. Hey NEW UPDATE! 😄 The map has been updated to Alpha 5. Please inform of any error or bug with the Map or Scenarios. Update log:
  3. If: You have a scenario thats using a custom color pallet You put it has a default scenario on a map Then: The game will crash Łukasz please fix
  4. What does "Controls Provinces" does? Because i don't seem to understand as what im trying to do doesn't work.
  5. The map has been updated to Alpha 4. Please inform of any error or bug with the Map. Update log:
  6. I wish i could do that, but it would take too much time, i prefer to just put important vassals and events, even if i had all the time in the world, the current vassal system doesn't support this kind of scenario, sorry :c
  7. The map has been updated. Please inform of any error or bug with the Map.
  8. weird, for me look fine, whats the last you did before this happening?
  9. can you pass me the map files to take a look?
  10. Really nice, hopefully you can update when the map gets updated.
  11. That would be great, i will notified you when i need them, i will need help with the scenarios and such, so i appreciate the help.
  12. WIP The idea is to make the ck2 map with ALL its provinces and transfer its bookmarks, minimum High Middle Ages (1066) I need help with the scenarios, so i will leave the work i have available for download for bug reporting and support Provinces done: 31% 625 / 1994 Screenshots Recommended Mods: Download: Community Scenarios: Update Log:
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