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  1. I already posted this on Android tag but I'll post it here again because maybe someone knows how to fix it. I was playing at 1444 scenario and I'm already at 600-800 turns. But around that turn, my game started bugging. It shows "Cannot save - Not enough RAM". Does any one knows how to fix it? Thank you 🙂
  2. Well in the early game, this really isn't helpful. But, in the late game, this is very much needed. In the late game, you get lots of movement points (depends how much you expanded, I think) to move, train or disband troops.
  3. Well I certainly use them for assimilating, I ask this because I always have to press next turn to get them back.
  4. After getting like 8 points, I only get like 0.2 per turn. But if I have 0, it gives me like 4 diplomacy points per turn. How it that?
  5. Or a button to disband all of your army. I see that everytime you colonize a province in the New World, there's a few soldiers in that province. You would want to use every army you can have if you fight a huge enemy. Or if you play passively and colonize fast, it gets tedious to move or to disband your army everytime on every single province. It would help people who don't have much time.
  6. Uhh I think it's just notifying you because you haven't clicked or pressed it yet last turn? Not sure
  7. No, I noticed it because of auto save, I just unpaused the game and everytime I manually save, I see a save thing that pops on the top right, it should disappear after the game saves but it doesn't disappear.
  8. I play in 1440 scenario and I'm already at late game. The game does not crash after saving (which was the case before) but now it just doesn't save. I think one time I saw it says "Cannot save - Not enough RAM" or something like that. I wonder if anyone has the same problem as me or if someone found another way to fix this.
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