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  1. I really hate writing mean messages to people, but honestly, with no offense, this just has to be said.

    Abandoning AoC2 for you is a reallyreally big mistake. You develop a game, publish it and abandon it after a short while, saying you've "worked on it for long enough". Do you know what this tells relays to your customers?

    That you don't care about them. That you care about quantity over quality. You promise features but don't keep to your promises, not even fixing bugs. This just simply tells your customers what to expect of your next project - a half-broken game with bugs that aren't going to be fixed by the developer. 

    If you want to start a new project, first you need to gather interest for it from the last project. Completely abandoning your last project half-finished is not at all a good way of doing so.


    I'm sorry that I just went all-out, but it was something that just had to be said. I loved the idea of AoC2, I saw great potential. All you needed was to fix bugs, improve the editor and add some demanded features. Your player base would then understand that you care for them, you listen to them, meaning they'd be interested in your next project all the more.

    Believe it or not, continuing support for AoC2 will do more for your new project than actually working on it right now. Either way, I still wish you luck and good fortune.

    1. vendex_thegreatest


      i dont understand why people think he is abandoning the game, no... He is not. He is just working to get this game released on other platforms

    2. Sneaky


      He said it himself that he's worked enough on AoC2 and wants to move to a new project.

  2. Haven't been working on the mod much since the editor is half-broken. I'll definitely work again once Lukasz fixed the bugs in the editor, but until then, I can't really add the events I want (or fix the current events, for that matter), meaning there's not much point in updating at the moment. Sorry, but that's simply the truth at the moment. I'm still really grateful you've had an interest in this mod, and I'm 100% not abandoning it completely unless Lukasz abandons AOC2, which I hope he won't.
  3. Not my focus at the moment. I'll check it.
  4. The best way to fix this, in my opinion, is this: Technology slowly spreads from higher technology countries to lower. If a country borders another country which is technologically more advanced, each turn one province of the country gets more advanced, and once all the provinces are advanced, the country then gets a technology level. Research is gained not based on the amount being spent, but rather the percent of the economy going towards technology. Basically, if an OPM has research of 20%, but so does a large empire, they would gain the same amount of research. However, to bett
  5. Probably because they were the first events I made. I'll go over the old events.
  6. Sneaky


    What do you mean "border problems"? This is a fictional scenario...
  7. So, if you've played as Japan on the pre-release version of1.1, you might have noticed you get events at the start of the game, which wasn't intentional. I've tried my best to fix it, but as far as I can tell, the "OR" trigger just basically breaks any event, so there's nothing I can do about it. Because of this, I'll focus on things outside events (new countries, to be exact) until Lukasz fixes the events, which are generally a bit of a broken mess at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's simply not much I can do about it at the moment.
  8. That's because UPCI was one of the first events I made, and I had no idea how it really worked back then. I already know what the issue most likely is. I'll fix it.
  9. Actually, maybe just scrap the whole recruitment feature and turn it into mobilization. In a country tab, you can decide to mobilize, and then decide how much % of your population you want to mobilize. The bigger the percent you mobilize, the higher negatives from economy you get. Mobilizing would also cost 1 gold per pop you mobilize. Max would be 5% of your population (with soldiers counting towards the population). Also, when mobilized, you get a happiness boost depending on the percent you're mobilizing times 10, so if you mobilize 1%, that's -10% happiness and so on. Mobilization would wo
  10. Hm.. well, that means I can easily fix it. Only problem is that now the event chain will be done a lot faster than I intended, but that's fine, I suppose. As for the UPCI annexation event, it's fixed. If you find any other problems, please let me know!
  11. Rewrote the events but the problem persists. I actually feel like it might be a problem with the game. I have 2 separate triggers for the events, both of which are "AND". 1st trigger is a chance for 25%, while the 2nd is checking if either of the options in the previous event have been chosen with the option "OR". I think I can't do much until Lukasz fixed it.
  12. Everything you need to know is in the poll itself.
  13. The pre-release hasn't been bug-tested much, hence I called it a pre-release. I'll check the events after I'm back from school. If you find any other bugs, I'll be happy to fix them.
  14. Tested it and it happens to me too. I'll try and fix it, but it'll be... rather painful to do so.
  15. Thanks for the bug reports! Can you tell me which Meiji reform event happens exactly at the start of the game? As for the constitution, it's meant as an update to the constitution, not a completely new one. Also, I fixed the Qinghai event - thanks!
  16. Sneaky

    Rank list

    I know, it was supposed to be a light-hearted joke, as for the contributor rank - some people have it despite only having one scenario. It'd be nice if it was clarified more on what exactly gets you the rank.
  17. Hi! As necessary, this is yet another progress report on Update 1.1, and as far as I know, the second-to-last. I'll probably have one more progress report besides this before Update 1.1 is fully out, so yeah! For this update, as said in the title, we have 3 main subjects; Coal, Iron, India. Coal and Coal (Hill). These are 2 of the new 4 terrain types that I've made for Coat of Arms: 1836. The Coal terrain type provides REALLY large bonuses to the province with this type of terrain. For coal, the benefits are (if I recall correctly) -40% build cost, +25% population growth, and +40% ec
  18. Sneaky


    This is a scenario I had made for fun a while ago, and now I thought I might as well release it. Almost a hundred years have passed since the start of the Great Northern War. With Sweden emerging victorious, it was obvious that the era of Sweden as a Great Power will continue, however, times are changing, and Sweden's position is at risk once again. In the East, the Baltic Alliance, made out of Russia, Poland, and the Latvian States, is eager to get revenge for their loss. In Europe, instability is at its highest. The Hungarian Revolution has just begun, while a bit more nort
  19. Sneaky

    Rank list

    i designed this system and i didnt get a speical rak reeeeeeeeeeeee I feel like the contributors' rank is kinda.. unnecessary. It's basically a lottery for who gets it and who doesn't.
  20. Thanks for your suggestions! The problem with Dai and alike will be solved since that was one of the main plans for 1.1 - to fix all the temporary countries I put in Asia, so don't worry, it will be fixed. The reason I put Qing so low in technology is so that China wouldn't destroy everything early-game. While splitting up China into sub-states did help this, I was still afraid of China being way more powerful than it was in real life. For now, since centralized Qing should be pretty powerful, I'm going to keep it the way it is for now. I might change it if necessary. The reason
  21. silly lthuanan unted kngdom of great brtan and northern reland will beat all
  22. You can find more information in my club, but I'm releasing a pre-release version of update 1.1 to compensate for the lack of updates recently because of personal reasons. This isn't the final update and may have bugs, so please send me any you find! https://drive.google.com/open?id=16mIfjSS1DC9l6Jyk7KRPxkh81Pzl6i8O Another reason for this is because 1.0 is so bland when compared to 1.1, and 1.1 is just generally more fleshed out. Have fun!
  23. Don't have any progress to report at the moment because, as you might have noticed, I haven't posted much either. It's because I've been doing things outside of AoC2, such as parties, journeys and so on, not to mention school. I'm simply making this progress report to tell you that no, 1.1 isn't abandoned, not at all. It's simply an explanation for the lack of progress, but really, all I can say about the official release is Soon™. And it really will be. All I've got to do is add Indian civilizations and finish the terrain. You can expect update 1.1 to fully come no later than the end of
  24. All you need to do is go to map editor -> earth (4269 provinces) -> formable civilizations -> click on "united kingdoms" -> edit the provinces of the country, or simply remove it outright. Also thanks for taking an interest in my scenario! Hope you're enjoying it.
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