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  1. On 2/1/2019 at 4:10 AM, Istria said:

    Hi, is the release of new version close? 

    Haven't been working on the mod much since the editor is half-broken. I'll definitely work again once Lukasz fixed the bugs in the editor, but until then, I can't really add the events I want (or fix the current events, for that matter), meaning there's not much point in updating at the moment. Sorry, but that's simply the truth at the moment.

    I'm still really grateful you've had an interest in this mod, and I'm 100% not abandoning it completely unless Lukasz abandons AOC2, which I hope he won't.

  2. On 1/25/2019 at 6:59 PM, Istria said:

    Btw you updating your 1492? As you can add events like collapse of Aztec, Inca etc.


    Not my focus at the moment.

    On 1/25/2019 at 7:03 PM, Istria said:

    Also, the sepoy mutiny didn't not seem to be happening in all of my save, and btw is Guangxi submission bugged? It seems that Guangxi still have few provinces left after the annexation, thanks 

     I'll check it.

  3. The best way to fix this, in my opinion, is this:

    1. Technology slowly spreads from higher technology countries to lower. If a country borders another country which is technologically more advanced, each turn one province of the country gets more advanced, and once all the provinces are advanced, the country then gets a technology level.
    2. Research is gained not based on the amount being spent, but rather the percent of the economy going towards technology. Basically, if an OPM has research of 20%, but so does a large empire, they would gain the same amount of research. However, to better represent how smaller countries made larger innovations, the amount of research a country gets would be decreased by 0.5% per province, up to -20% research speed.
    3. Research Levels are made fewer, but stronger and more unique. Maybe have like 40 technology levels instead of 200, making advancements in technology that much more important.
    4. An optional setting for where countries in specific regions get a major decrease in technology speed, making them rely more heavily on the spread of technology. For instance, for the 1440 start date, you could make a setting where every country whose capital is outside Europe gets a -80% rate to technology so they don't colonize and aren't as powerful.
  4. 49 minutes ago, yigitciftci9 said:

    why the heck ottoman empire borders is too little? nice scenario,  but there is a lot of border problems.

    What do you mean "border problems"? This is a fictional scenario...

  5. So, if you've played as Japan on the pre-release version of1.1, you might have noticed you get events at the start of the game, which wasn't intentional. I've tried my best to fix it, but as far as I can tell, the "OR" trigger just basically breaks any event, so there's nothing I can do about it. 

    Because of this, I'll focus on things outside events (new countries, to be exact) until Lukasz fixes the events, which are generally a bit of a broken mess at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's simply not much I can do about it at the moment. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Istria said:

    Thanks mate, well done!!! 

    Edit:Is UPCI supposed to have no land? what's the purpose of setting it up then? 

    That's because UPCI was one of the first events I made, and I had no idea how it really worked back then. I already know what the issue most likely is. I'll fix it.

  7. Actually, maybe just scrap the whole recruitment feature and turn it into mobilization. In a country tab, you can decide to mobilize, and then decide how much % of your population you want to mobilize. The bigger the percent you mobilize, the higher negatives from economy you get. Mobilizing would also cost 1 gold per pop you mobilize. Max would be 5% of your population (with soldiers counting towards the population). Also, when mobilized, you get a happiness boost depending on the percent you're mobilizing times 10, so if you mobilize 1%, that's -10% happiness and so on. Mobilization would work by mobilizing 20% of the full number each turn, so it'd take 5 turns to get all your pops mobilized.

    You'd still be able to hire mercenaries (basically the conscript feature) which work the way they do, but cost a lot more.

  8. 28 minutes ago, Istria said:

    Yes I think so, this happen in my own scenario too, AND and OR seems cannot coexist as triggers, else bug happens

    Hm.. well, that means I can easily fix it. Only problem is that now the event chain will be done a lot faster than I intended, but that's fine, I suppose.

    As for the UPCI annexation event, it's fixed. If you find any other problems, please let me know!

  9. 14 hours ago, Istria said:

    Good luck with bug fixing! 

    Rewrote the events but the problem persists. I actually feel like it might be a problem with the game. I have 2 separate triggers for the events, both of which are "AND". 1st trigger is a chance for 25%, while the 2nd is checking if either of the options in the previous event have been chosen with the option "OR". I think I can't do much until Lukasz fixed it.

  10. 11 minutes ago, Istria said:

    Is it normal that Annexation of UPCI doesn't happen at all? never seen it happen

    The pre-release hasn't been bug-tested much, hence I called it a pre-release. I'll check the events after I'm back from school.

    If you find any other bugs, I'll be happy to fix them.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Istria said:

    Different one, but they all happen on turn 2, sometimes I get industrialization, sometimes I get constitution, then other reforms will follow

    Tested it and it happens to me too. I'll try and fix it, but it'll be... rather painful to do so. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Istria said:

    I can't join a public club, you should change it to open club

    BTW Meiji Reform events happen in the beginning of the game before Meiji Restoration Event(and consititution of Japan is definitely not part of it, I mean it's Meiji Reform for a reason), is it a bug? You can test it, dk if it's only my problem.

    BTW2 Qinghai submission event has problem, Qinghai will 100% choose the option "we will have our own path" as AI chance is set as 99% join Qing and 100% Liberate itself

    Thanks for the bug reports!

    Can you tell me which Meiji reform event happens exactly at the start of the game? As for the constitution, it's meant as an update to the constitution, not a completely new one. Also, I fixed the Qinghai event - thanks!

  13. 1 hour ago, Wersjon said:

    You didn't designed system, Łukasz took from your and mine, I got special rank for helping people, and making some topics, the rest is depending from Łukasz.

    I know, it was supposed to be a light-hearted joke, as for the contributor rank - some people have it despite only having one scenario. It'd be nice if it was clarified more on what exactly gets you the rank.

  14. Hi! As necessary, this is yet another progress report on Update 1.1, and as far as I know, the second-to-last. I'll probably have one more progress report besides this before Update 1.1 is fully out, so yeah! For this update, as said in the title, we have 3 main subjects; Coal, Iron, India.

    • Coal and Coal (Hill).

    These are 2 of the new 4 terrain types that I've made for Coat of Arms: 1836. The Coal terrain type provides REALLY large bonuses to the province with this type of terrain. For coal, the benefits are (if I recall correctly) -40% build cost, +25% population growth, and +40% economic growth. While these bonuses are really high, they're more so to represent the impact of coal in industrialization. Coal (Hill) is all-around the same except a bit lower benefits and some defense bonus.

    • Iron and Iron (Hill).

    These are another 2 of the 4 terrain types that I've made. Similarly to coal, Iron provides huge benefits to the province with such a type. Iron has similar benefits to coal except lower, but it has a whopping -80% build cost.

    The entire reason for these powerful terrain types is so buildings get more so focused in specific provinces due to cost and effectiveness, thus representing industry concentration in specific areas.

    • New civilizations in India!

    Slowly but surely I've been working on the new civilizations (completely based off of those in Victoria 2) to replace the place-holder civilizations located in Asia. It's rather time-consuming, but I'm making progress. I also replaced the flags for NGF and UPCI.

  15. This is a scenario I had made for fun a while ago, and now I thought I might as well release it.



    Almost a hundred years have passed since the start of the Great Northern War. With Sweden emerging victorious, it was obvious that the era of Sweden as a Great Power will continue, however, times are changing, and Sweden's position is at risk once again. In the East, the Baltic Alliance, made out of Russia, Poland, and the Latvian States, is eager to get revenge for their loss. In Europe, instability is at its highest. The Hungarian Revolution has just begun, while a bit more north the German Federation has formed, all while the Balkan League fights for their independence from the Ottomans.

    But Sweden has problems outside of Europe too. The revolution in Brazil has gotten widespread popularity and might soon result in the loss of South-American colonies completely, while in the north the anarcho-capitalist West Indies Federation could very well threaten the Swedish American colonies. Swedens biggest ally, Portugal, might just fall too - the Mughal Federation in India is ready to take the jewel of the Portuguese Crown - India. In the meantime, the riches of Africa and the collapsing Jin dynasty will benefit any country who is able to rise to the top.

    Stormakstiden is a scenario I made based on an alternate timeline where Sweden won the Great Northern War. There were a lot of other variations as well, however. In Iberia, Castille and Aragon never joined into Spain, resulting in Portugal taking their role as one of the biggest colonizers. Great Britain and France, weakened due to many reasons, don't become the great powers they were in our timeline. As a result, Netherlands and Sweden rose to take their spot, but the Belgian succession to independence is not widely-liked in the Netherlands.

    The scenario features relations and vassals, but no events, since this is a sandbox scenario I made for fun. I also don't plan on updating this unless everything's somehow broken to hell.

    Installation link:


  16. i designed this system and i didnt get a speical rak reeeeeeeeeeeee

    I feel like the contributors' rank is kinda.. unnecessary. It's basically a lottery for who gets it and who doesn't.

  17. Thanks for your suggestions!

    The problem with Dai and alike will be solved since that was one of the main plans for 1.1 - to fix all the temporary countries I put in Asia, so don't worry, it will be fixed.

    The reason I put Qing so low in technology is so that China wouldn't destroy everything early-game. While splitting up China into sub-states did help this, I was still afraid of China being way more powerful than it was in real life. For now, since centralized Qing should be pretty powerful, I'm going to keep it the way it is for now. I might change it if necessary.

    The reason the North German Confederation forms so easily is because there wasn't any other way to do it without making it boring. If I wanted to make it realistic, someone playing Prussia would basically have to skip about 200 turns until they can finally form it.

    Also, making Japan powerful was also something that was intentional. I wanted them to be able to fight China head-on and still win, hence they have the ability to gain 70 technology points.

    Thanks for your report and I'm happy to see you're enjoying it! At the moment I'm working on finishing terrain and looking into modifying the game files to spice the mod up. Hope you're looking forward to the full release!

    P.S. Join the club. I'm not forcing you, but it'd sure bring a smile to my face.

  18. You can find more information in my club, but I'm releasing a pre-release version of update 1.1 to compensate for the lack of updates recently because of personal reasons. This isn't the final update and may have bugs, so please send me any you find!


    Another reason for this is because 1.0 is so bland when compared to 1.1, and 1.1 is just generally more fleshed out. Have fun!

  19. Don't have any progress to report at the moment because, as you might have noticed, I haven't posted much either. It's because I've been doing things outside of AoC2, such as parties, journeys and so on, not to mention school. I'm simply making this progress report to tell you that no, 1.1 isn't abandoned, not at all. It's simply an explanation for the lack of progress, but really, all I can say about the official release is Soon™.

    And it really will be. All I've got to do is add Indian civilizations and finish the terrain. You can expect update 1.1 to fully come no later than the end of January. It'll definitely be before February, but I might just finish it next week. We'll have to see, but the full update really is coming soon!

    However, in the mean-time, because version 1.1 of CoA:1836 is miles better than 1.0, I'll actually be linking a pre-release of 1.1 so to speak. It may be bugged to hell, but I hope not. Please report any bugs, and enjoy!


    And if you haven't downloaded the 2 civilizations from the thread, they are here:



    And if something doesn't work in the installation, I'd appreciate if you told me ASAP. I'll do my best to help.

  20. 4 hours ago, JustAnUser said:

    Not really. Hitler didn't have a much more impact on the war than, let's say, generals. The war still couldn't have been won without Hitler.



    Hence I said, "Hitler was the reason for both the success of Germany and the failure of it."

    4 hours ago, JustAnUser said:

    Also, i don't think delaying the attack on the USSR will do you any good. Germany was running low on critical things and USSR was only getting stronger. While USSR was somewhat low on production of things related to military compared to Germany, their potential was greater. And Lebensraum.


    I never implied that Germany should have attacked later. I was implying that Germany could have won against the USSR only if they managed to get Western (that is, Allied) support.

    4 hours ago, JustAnUser said:

    Didn't they schedule a meeting 3 days later after the nuke? I don't think they were in a hurry after the first nuke.


    I don't really see what point you're trying to make.

    4 hours ago, JustAnUser said:

    But they weren't able to use them. Good tactics, poor use. Germany was better in that regard, i think.


    You seem to be arguing against a point I never made. Albeit, the Soviets were able to use deep operations - Operation Uranus.

    4 hours ago, JustAnUser said:

    True, but i think the Germans were the first to do the "Tanks first, infantry later." strategy.


    It wasn't planned, however. Hitler was himself very surprised by the success of the Wehrmacht against France. He was not at all expecting such a sudden and successful thrust against France.



    12 hours ago, Irish empire said:

    sorry that was a mistake I agree with you partly about the generals. But the overrating of Rommel is an outcome of British overrating of Montgomery who was the one who drove Rommel back from Egypt.

    .especially here in Ireland and the U.K we are constantly given the opinion when studying world war two  Monty was the best general/one of the best. as a result of this we look further into Monty's combat career and we can see that he  was very successful(apart from in Holland). Monty was like Russia's Zhukov the pride of the nation.to boost his status further and to boost Britain's importance, they made Rommel out to be an amazing general and only a outstanding person like Bernard Montgomery could ever defeat him right?Rommel is overrated but I think that Montgomery is definitely the most overrated general of ww2

    Rommel is actually my favourite general and I know a bit about his background. He performed great in the French campaign sometimes 32 miles ahead of the main advance. it was only here hitler noticed him.in one instance he took 10,000 French prisoners losing 36 men 

    the German incursion Into north Africa was just meant to be on a support mission to help the beaten Italian troops(so a small army) but Rommel was given permission to launch attacks if he saw fit. as im sure you know he drove them back to Tobruk and el Alemain. even though he made these great territorial gains for the germans he is still very overrated, while people like guderian and manstein are underrated.i think guderan was actually a better general than manstein though




    1. Rommel was a good general, I agree, but my problem is that most people make him out as the reason for the success of German tanks, especially the Northern attack into France via the Benelux. You could have put any good general in place of Rommel and they would have done just as well as Rommel did, which is why I think Rommel is overrated - he was good, but not the reason for Germany's success.

    2. You can't compare Guderian to Manstein at all. Guderian was a tactician, Manstein was a strategist. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

    3. I definitely agree with your 2nd paragraph, though. Monty, Zhukov and Rommel were all "media generals", pride of the nation, as you said. Albeit, Zhukov did actually deserve his spot when compared to the state of the USSR.

    Zhukov was not at all a great general. The reason he became so popular was that he was a good general when compared to everyone else the USSR had. The Great Purge left a massive hole in the commanding abilities of the USSR, and Zhukov was the only competent general they had, hence he was regarded as one of the best generals of WW2.

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