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  1. I'm interested in WW2, albeit I wouldn't call myself a nerd. 

    If you want to debate, then here are some opinions on WW2 of mine:

    • Germany could have won WW2, but only without Hitler. Even then, if they still had to invade USSR, they'd only win in the very unlikely scenario that they'd get Western support.
    • Erwin Rommel is one of the most overrated Generals of all time.
    • Heinz Guderian is what most people make Erwin Rommel out to be.
    • Erich von Manstein was one of the most brilliant strategists of WW2 and one of the main reasons Germany was so successful.
    • US involvement in the war could only be delayed, but not prevented.
    • Germany could never ever have invaded mainland Britain, even with the destruction of the RAF.
    • Hitler was the reason for both the success of Germany and the failure of it.
    • Germany produced some of the best tanks of the war, but they were exactly the kind of tanks Germany did not need.
    • The Sherman is underrated.
    • While most people say Germany would have been better without Italy, I disagree. While Italy had one of the worst armies of WW2, it still did its own fair share of helping Germany. The Italian Navy kept the Royal Navy busy so Germany could focus on the ground aspect.
    • Many people misunderstand the involvement of Baltics within WW2. The Courland Pocket saw very fierce combat, and the Latvian Legionnaires were some of the last German units surrendered. Let that sink in - the Courland Pocket held out until the Soviets had already reached Berlin.
    • While Soviets had already won by then, D-Day was still an important part of the Allied efforts to end WW2.
    • The nuking of Japan was fully and completely justified.
    • Germany couldn't have gotten nukes, even if the Norwegian resistance members hadn't blown up the heavy water stations and what not.
    • The Soviet Union had better tactics for the use of large scale tank assaults - Deep Operations/Soviet Deep Battle.
    • There was no such thing as a "blitzkrieg" tactic - it was simply generals using the tanks at their disposal to their best ability.
    • Germany was technologically superior to the Allies, but its resources deprived them of putting them to any use.

    Please don't hate me for having an opinion.

  2. It's true. Update 1.1 really is nearing its completion. All I need to do now is add a few missing civilizations and finish the coal/iron terrain maps and finish the collapse of Qing event completely. Otherwise, that's really the update done! So I hope I haven't had you guys waiting too long. As for today's "dev report", I've got 2 things: info about the new Qing events and something I've been working on for update 1.2, Manifest Destiny. Let's get started:

    • Collapse of Qing.

    At around 1900, Qing gets an event called "Collapse of Qing". This starts an event chain where every turn there's a chance for events that happen to Qing. These events include things such as the people of a country (such as Mongolia) demanding independence, and if Qing refuses, they get a severe happiness loss. This should more accurately represent the collapse of Qing into warlords at the start of the 20th century.

    • Taiping Rebellion!

    Once the Qing is centralized, they now have a chance for the "Taiping Rebellion" event to fire. Once it fires, a civil war breaks out between the Taiping and Qing. The Qing has a long-term advantage, meaning most of the time the Heavenly Kingdom will lose. While the event is underway, there's also a possibility for an event about the instability of the dynasty, giving a happiness debuff.

    • New governments!

    because, surprise surprise, they're based off those of Victoria 2. At the moment I've renamed the current governments to:

    1. Conservatism - the standard ideology in the Victorian Era.  Has high acceptable taxation, low minimum goods and investments, as well as a small buff to taxation, production and a noticeable boost to defense, but in return it has +5% research cost. Good and versatile starting ideology;
    2. Reactionaryism - the more extreme brother of conservatism. Higher acceptable taxation, very low minimum goods and investments as well as a sizeable boost to taxation and production, but has a much higher +15% research cost. Good for growing economies;
    3. Liberalism - an ideology that gets much more popular later down the road. Has high acceptable investments, high minimum goods and investments, higher military upkeep and administration cost and little defense, but gets a -15% research cost. Good for stable and rich economies.
    4. Anarcho-Liberalism - the more extreme version of liberalism. Similarly to liberalism, it has an even higher minimum goods and investments and gets a debuff to taxation and production and a +25% to military upkeep, but gets a whopping -25% research cost. Good for very large economies.
    5. Socialism - an ideology that only shows up later on. Unlike its more extreme version, communism, socialism is very economic-based. It gets a very high acceptable taxation, but also a very high minimum goods and investments. However, it also gets a very sizeable increased in taxation and production. Good for growing economies that aren't under threat.
    6. Communism - unlike socialism, communism is very largely based on war. It gets extremely high acceptable taxation, extremely low minimum goods and investments, the same boost to taxation and production as socialism, and a very noticeable -15% military upkeep, but in return, it gets +20% research cost (slowest out of all the modern ideologies) and a +20% administration cost. Good for already-well developed countries that need to often go to war.
    7. Fascism - a weird mix of all the ideologies. It has a rather high acceptable taxation, mediocre minimum goods and investments, -10% research cost, -15% military upkeep and a -5% administration cost, but in return it gets a slight debuff to taxation and production. Good for countries that conquer a lot.

    Although, these ideologies will only be available in Update 1.2 Manifest Destiny. I want to get update 1.1 out as soon as possible since it's been in development for long enough! 

    Hope you enjoyed reading this dev report!


  3. 3 hours ago, Glisterr said:

    Nice scenario!

    I am curious, in your Coat of Arms: 1492, do you, or will you ever (I know it is kind of far fetched but) have an event for the American Revolutionary War, It would be kind of cool.

    Already do, actually.

    Although, as I said in the threat, 1492 isn't my focus atm. Glad to hear you like the scenario, though.

  4. Unlike other ones, I'll try and keep this a bit shorter. Also, another quick announcement: there's been a bit of a lack of updates due to personal reasons, but CoA: 1836 is not being abandoned at all, so don't worry. Anyways, let me give you a quick rundown of the new features I've added recently:

    • UK and Germany now have an event chain to annex a Chinese few ports.

    Both UK and Germany get events that are all around the same. The event initially asks them if they wish to request a trading port (Hong Kong for the UK, Qingdao for Germany) from China. If China denies, UK or Germany then gets an event to threaten with war if China doesn't hand over the province. If China still doesn't, UK or Germany gets an event where they can choose to declare war or not, although if they back down this far into it, they'll suffer a happiness loss.

    • US now gets an event about sending the Perry expedition.

    It'll initially cost them 50000 gold, but if all goes successful, they gain a rather noticeable (around 15%) economy boost. Every step of the event can be accepted or denied, for instance, Japan can turn away the Perry expedition ships. However, because of a rework for the triggers for the Meiji Restoration, if Japan decides to be friendly to these ships, not only are they much likely to trigger the Meiji Restoration event, they also get an option to improve relations with the US.

    • Japan now gets 2 separate events that lead to rebellions during the Meiji Restoration.

    Every turn the Meiji event-chain is underway, Japan gets a chance for the Bushido War to start. Once defeated, they have a chance to get the Satsuma rebellion event. These events are rather weak, however, and Japan shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with them.

    While it doesn't seem like much, because I tried to make everything as player-friendly as possible, meaning they don't have any event forced unto them which they can't refuse. This is so any country can be played at, just not easily.


    I've also spent some time making up a sort of a music add-on, consisting of many Victorian-era like songs (and some which aren't), although the music is not at all mine. It'll be released alongside The Forgotten East update.

  5. 21 hours ago, XGamer50 said:

    Why do not add a event for United Kingdom named Canadian Independance ?

    Choices :

    Let the Canadians be independant 

    No way ! Canada is ours

    That'll be in an update focused on the UK.

  6. Well, update 1.1 is coming closer and closer again. As I've stated above, if you want more information on how updates are coming along, feel free to join the Coat of Arms club here:

    However, there's one thing I want to share

    here, and that is the number of events I've made so far for update 1.1. Everything in a red rectangle shown below is a new events.





    So it's safe to say that this is a really large update, and I hope you guys are looking forward to it! If you want to know more what all these events are about, as I've mentioned, my club is the best place to look.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Wersjon said:

    There is one free space in "\COMa\Ashan\editor_data\Provinces\mapAoC2_v2.txt" file, delete it.

    Right. Next thing.

    I put both of my provinces in the maps folders in games (provinces scale 1 and 3, update and updateB), i updat ethe config.json to 2 provinces, I have a GoT_L and GoT_R in map/backgrounds, both of which are 3330x3900, yet the game still crashes when I try to open the map in map editor

  8. On 1/11/2019 at 11:33 PM, Wersjon said:

    Have you cut it in half? (Left and right?)

    @WersjonHow in hell do you make a 2nd province in the editor? I make a single province, rename it to 0 and I put it in the editors province folder. Now the editor won't start again. I click on it and nothing happens.

  9. A lot of potential if Lukasz is willing to go out of his way and majorly change the game.

    At the moment it's still a really good game, especially for how cheap it is, but there's a lot of problems with it, such as small countries being able to muster waaaay more troops than you do, even if they're 5x as small. Also managing any country bigger than 5 provinces is a pain because of all the buildings and whatnot.

    Also, combat is kinda infuriating since if a country breaks through one province in a frontline, they can just siege the whole country and basically all you can do is go after them with the units at the frontline, resulting in these "troop waves", which happen even in AI vs AI battles.

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