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  1. This is a scenario I made a while ago which I intended to finish, but because I shifted my focus to Coat of Arms: 1836, I kinda left this scenario abandoned. However, because it's still fully playable, I thought I might as well share it so you can enjoy it. I'll probably be coming back to it after a while. I'll also make the proper thread for it once I'm finished.

    Anyways, here's a screenshot:


    And here's screenshots on some of the events:




    As for the download, it's here:



    Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Just now, Shiite said:


    no he didn't lol

    here's my system

    • Serf [0-25]
    • Gentleman [25-50]
    • Baron [50-100]
    • Count [100-200]
    • Prince [200-500]
    • Duke [500-1000]
    • Grand Duke [1000-2000]
    • Archduke [2000-3000]
    • King [3000-5000]
    • Emperor [5000-10000]
    • Custom Title [10000+]

    here's wersjons system

    Admin/Owner - #FF0000 (255, 0, 0) - Łukasz
    Moderator - #8000FF (128, 0, 255) - Little Łukasz Helpers
    Elder -
     #008080 (0, 128, 128) - (Guys who have ID lower than 100, and old admins/mods (that doesn't moderate forum anymore))
    Contributors - #FF8000 (255, 255, 0) - (Guys who have done something for community - created mods etcetera. )
    Lord of the World - #0000FF (0, 0, 255) - 1000 posts && 600 Likes 
    Emperor - #0080FF (0, 128, 255) - 500 posts && 300 Likes 
    King #E0A000 (224, 160, 0) - 250 posts && 150 Likes 
    Prince #800000 (128, 0, 0) - 100 posts && 60 Likes 
    Lord - #256D1C (37, 109, 28) - 50 posts && 30 Likes
    Member - #000000 (0,0,0)

    guess why you see people with the rank "archduke", "gentleman", "count", "baron" and so on. but i must admit, lukasz used the colros of wersjon. also the contributor rank



    not trying to show-off, though

  3. Just now, MatijaVojnic said:

    Also watch this while you are playing this scenario:

    i was making a joke about how remove kebab (god is a serb is the real name of the song iirc) is a rookie song, too mainstream, but w/e

  4. While I didn't do much for the scenario today (I messed around on editor. Might or might not involve a throne game, wink wink), I have done some thinking about what else I want to do for Update 1.1 and about the next update for Coat of Arms: 1836. So, let's get on for what's left for Update 1.1.

    • Treaties for China to give over various trading ports.

    While initially, I wanted to make events about the Opium Wars, I soon realized that these wars would be way too big for what they actually were and would be too decisive if I still wanted players to retain their freedom during the war, hence I've decided that I'll simply add events for UK, France, Germany and alike to demand trading rights and trading ports. If Qing denies, the country would have the ability to escalate the situation, which could turn into a whole war.

    • Events for Russia to demand the territory they historically controlled to make the borders a bit more realistic;
    • The Heavenly Kingdom and Taiping Revolution.
    • Events for Qing about nation-wide unrest.

    This would then induce events where Qing gets events where it either gives up one of its lands and releases it as a country (such as Sinkiang, Manchuria, etc) or suffer severe penalties. If Qing is able to survive a few dozen years with all the events, they cease. This would historically portray the collapse of Qing and the rise of warlords during the early 20th century.

    • Add some missing civilizations;
    • Add some missing terrain;
    • Add an event for the US arrival in Japan in 1853, forcing Japan to open its country.

    And some other stuff I might think of in the future.


    As for the upcoming updates, I can only name a few:

    • Update 1.2: Manifest Destiny;
    • Update 1.3: Sun Never Sets;
    • Update 1.4: The Old World;

    I'm sure you can figure out what each update will focus on!


  5. On 1/11/2019 at 7:36 PM, hassan said:

    Can you post instructions on how to install the files into the game?

    Sorry for the late response.

    All you need to do is:

    1. Install the files in both of the google drive links;
    2. Go to to Steam, right click on AoC2 and press properties.
    3. Go to LOCAL FILEs and press "Browse Local Files"
    4. Go to map/Earth/scenarios and put the folder named "1836_1.0" inside it.
    5. Then go to game/civilizations_editor/ and put the 2 folders inside the folder called "1836_Civs_1.0" inside there.

    If you're still having problems, please notify me.

  6. How do I create more than one province on a completely new map?

    I put one province in, finish it, press enter. I then put the "PROV" file into the editor province, rename it "0", but the editor won't open again.

  7. Here are some random flags (and coat of arms) I've made in the past.


    Basically the Latvian Coat of Arms but in the middle, there's the Swedish Coat of Arms.


    Flag for a rip-off of the International Red Cross.


    Flag of the North German Federation from Victoria 2 but it's actually the Latvian flag and on the sides there's a stock image of oak leaves.

  8. Another day, another progress report on 1.1. After all, I need to somehow keep you guys interested. Anyways, today I only made some events, but I made quite a lot of them.

    • Meiji Restoration and Reforms.

    At around ~1860, Japan gets an event for the Meiji Restoration. If Japan accepts (which they almost always will), it starts a 7-event event-chain. Each event is based on a topic, such as the IJA or industrialization. If Japan decides to choose the positive option, they get +0.1 technology (10 research points), -20 to -40% unhappiness in all of civilization (depends on the event) and some bonuses.

    This adds a trade-off system. You need to decide whether you want to get a very huge boost in technology (if you accept all, you get +0.7 technology, although your happiness will basically be 0%) or prefer keeping some happiness.

    Tomorrow I'll also add the events for the Bushido War and the Satsuma Rebellion.

    • Indian War of Independence and the British Raj.

    Also around ~1860, UK gets an event where Sepoys (Indian troops) mutiny. If the UK doesn't respond fast enough (which they almost never will), they'll soon get an event where it transforms into a subcontinent-wide rebellion. Once defeated, UK gets an event where they are forced to form the British Raj which annexes all of the British territories in India. While not fully finished (because I need to replace some Indian vassals), it also starts events for Indian vassals where they need to either join the British Raj. or declare war on the United Kingdom.

    • The Peking Convention.

    In 1846, Russia gets an event to send diplomats to the Far East to expand its influence. If accepted, it starts a small event chain called the Peking Convention. After a while, Russia gets an event where they "add Manchuria to their sphere of influence". All this event does is let Russia demand China to hand over Outer Manchuria. If China denies the event, Russia gets an event to declare war.


    Thank you for reading so far and I hope you're looking forward to Update 1.1: The Forgotten East!

  9. To not spam the thread, I've created a club for another who's interested in this scenario. I'll only be posting here for updates or replying to.. replies and alike. It already has a progress report on 1.1


  10. I very much like the simplistic idea. Although, here's 2 cents on how it should be balanced, based on your idea


    If you choose to import in a province, every turn that province gets:

    • Extra economy with the formula "(Economy of Province)/200", which is 0.5%. If a province had 1000 economy, each turn it'd get 5 economy (so ~15 turns to increase by more than 10%)
    • +0.01 development each turn.
    • Each turn it would also cost the country a select amount of money with the formula "(Economy of Province)/10 + (Development Level)*1000). If you had a province with economy of 10000 and development of 0.6, each turn it would cost you 10000/10 + 0.6*1000 which is 1600 gold, which while seems a lot, you need to remember that province would also be getting 50 economy per turn

    Basically, the richer the province, the more it benefits, but also the more it costs. Also, the province that would you be importing from would be paid 50% of the amount of the money a country is paying to import from someone. To explain better, if country A imports from country B, it costs him 500 gold, which means country B would be getting 250 gold per turn. However, the amount a province can import directly scales with the province it is importing from. The more a province has more economy over the province it is importing from, the less effective it is.

    To simplify it, let's assign

    • X as the amount of economy a province importing from another would gain each turn;
    • Y as the amount of economy in a province importing from another;
    • Z as the amount of economy the province being imported from has;

    The formula for importing would be X/(Y/Z*1.5), but if (Y/Z)<1, then X is not modified. Basically, say an economy importing from another province has 2500 economy. The province it is importing from has 2000 economy. That means the amount of economy gained each turn for the province importing would be decreased by 2500/2000*1.5, which is 1.25*1.5, which is 1.875, meaning in this case, the province importing from the other province would gain a 87% debuff.


    When you export, the provinces economic and development growth would be modified by the amount the province you're exporting to is worth. Once again, let's assign:

    • X as the amount of debuffs the province exporting would gain.
    • Y as the amount of economy in a province exporting to another province;
    • Z as the amount of economy the province being exported to has;

    X=Z/Y*5%+1.4. Meaning, if Z = 5000, Y = 1000, then Y would get a debuff of 1.65, which is 65% for it's economical and development growth. However, when a province exports, it'd also give you money. The money would be equal to the percentage of debuff, but times 20. So in the case above, you'd be getting 500 gold per turn.


    Also, trading post levels should simply increase the range of trading. Hope I didn't make everything overcomplicated...


  11. I'd say it's been going quite well!

    I've generally spent most of my time fixing some European and American events, but since the main focus is Asia, I've added several events from them as well. Anyways, let's talk about what's done so far:

    • American Civil War remade. When it starts, territories that were neutral during the war now get occupied by "neutral" except the bordering provinces (so no country can snatch them). After the war, US gets an event to reannex them. There is now also an option to play as the CSA in the civil war, but no idea how stable it is.
    • Fixed the formation of the North German Confederation. Added some lacking events and made it so denying the invitation to the NGC doesn't hurt you as much anymore. Once formed, NGC now also gets an option to focus their diplomatic efforts on South German, and given enough time, make them leave their alliance with Austria and ally NGC. This hopefully will make the war against France easier.
    • In 1861, Japan now gets an event for the Meiji Restoration. This starts an event chain where each event allows Japan to reform one part of their country such as taxes, which gives them a whole 10 technology levels and a bonus in the respective field, but comes at a very expensive -25% happiness to represent the citizens not liking abandoning their old wars. This will also let Japan quickly catch up on-par with Western powers and make their wars against China easier. The event chain isn't complete yet, though.

    In-case you're wondering how many events there are:



    Most of them are events where a country accepts to join another country or so, but I'll be adding a lot of flavor events for Japan, China and the rest of Asia, so stay tuned for Update 1.1: The Forgotten East!

  12. Currently working on Update 1.1: The Forgotten East, featuring:

    • The Meiji Restoration, which starts an event chain of various reforms Japan can enact, each boosting Japans technology significantly at the cost of severe happiness penalties;
    • The Taiping Revolution;
    • Coal, Iron and their appropriate hill/mountain version terrains, featuring significant boosts for provinces with coal, not to mention industrial centres such as the Ruhr;
    • Some of the placebo civilizations in India being removed and replaced with the correct countries;
    • Events for Japanese colonization of nearby islands without needing the necessary technology;
    • Formation of the British Raj.;
    • Various other flavor events for the countries of the East.

    Stay tuned!

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