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  1. Mod for capitulation or new vassals system?
    Or import modifications to android?


    1. Saint Sauron

      Saint Sauron

      I hope to import the modified content of advanced audio and nuclear bomb into the mobile phone, which is very useful for most players.

    2. Mineva12


      new vassals as I am already planning this feature

  2. Mega4oSS

    Nuclear Age

    I haven't made the events and the bomb editor yet. But there are commands nuclearinfo nuclear weapons setnuclearweapon
  3. Mega4oSS

    Nuclear Age

    on a.p.k files source condensed in to dex, but I don't succeed compile dex files. I will make this mod, but not today ,
  4. Mega4oSS

    Nuclear Age

    Yes, but it will turn out to be a very small mod.
  5. Mega4oSS

    Nuclear Age

    There are only a few files used by the mod The mod is completely based on the source code, and i have it.
  6. Mega4oSS

    Nuclear Age

    If you collect all the bugs and throw here, i will try fix it and make pack of fix.
  7. Mega4oSS

    Nuclear Age

    Hello! Have you ever wanted to start nuclear war in age of history 2? If yes, then this mod is definitely for you, because it will add new mechanics. New buildings: Nuclear reactor - give you possibility create a nuclear warhead. Bunker - reduce damage of nuclear explosion (save most population and army) Nuclear Warheads This is what you will destroy the enemy. Once every 40 turns, a nuclear warhead will be produced. The number of turns for production can be reduced by building another nuclear reactor. Throw Nuclear Warhead To th
  8. On the process of recording video tutorial i find what i add to archive don't modificated .jar file) Fixed)
  9. Нужно просто старатся, декомпилировать код разными декодерами, и самому подправлять косо декомпилированный код, изучать строение кода, я вообще щас мультиплеер делаю, и уже чат готов)
  10. Hello! I present to your attention a new mod. Advanced Audio This mod changes the audio menu, adds new buttons and the ability to select tracks! The modification removes shuffle when switching music Adds a new button "<<", this button allows you to switch music to the previous one. It also adds a "Playlist" button, this button leads to the track selection menu, where you can select your favorite track. Installing: 1.Unpack archive, 2.Open folder "Semiautomatic" 3.Open and read Readme!.txt Download: Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mh6uXNLh
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