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  1. This bug has no impact on gameplay and only appeared this one time. A few turns later it went back to 1.1 million
  2. 1. We will never know how long the war would have went, because Germany came out of nowhere and took Prussia, while the Polish made peace with the Ukrainians (who got 1 province) because they had a lot on their hands 2. The count is greater than the population of all of europe, hence the tittle
  3. This makes me laugh. Gold star for you comrade
  4. I would like to have this more organized
  5. Thank you for commenting on my border gore skills
  6. Please fix the peace deals! the ai should try and make the land they take connected to their own land, and if not try and puppet them. It would be much appreciated
  7. Ulm is the best starter, go to war with the whole world and ez win
  8. So what happened was that I found you could make countries go to war with each other for free using the trade function while trying to get people to fight among China. I tried this many times, to the point where Asia and the balkans were complete messes. For goodness sake, Great Vietnam was in China, and Serbia was stronger than the ottomans, even though I didn’t participate in any wars in the reigon
  9. Suggestions that don’t fit into other categories
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