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  1. I was wondering; with the announcement of him wanting to do other projects, is he still fixing bugs?
  2. Farenhite

    Army Idea?

    I was thinking about an idea where based off of how many troops you have compared to the enemy it would take off a percentage + a bit extra. Instead of it being subtraction based where battles occur instantaneously; this will allow you to hold off/take longer to invade while you/the enemy has some time to get reinforcements. And a bit unrelated but Forts also should be modified to be more powerful.
  3. if hes Chinese, just say Tienanmen Square 1989.
  4. Is it possible to make the economy of Qing and other nations like it be lower? i don't like a Qing that is more powerful that Prussia or Austria..
  5. It Union-ed with the English in 1707, this senario is 1700.
  6. also you two are getting toxic lol
  7. In the gamemode, Age of Civilization; putting neutral provinces on colonization instead of conquering will cause taxation and production to go to zero.
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