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  1. I did this, but I don't know how to play with the new nation
  2. This scenario is inspired by V for revenge. The scenario adds the Norse fire regime in Modern Day. http://www.mediafire.com/file/tx9z4m9ay348od4/Norsefire.rar/file To install the scenario, you must delete (or replace) the '' Game '' and '' Map '' folders, and replace them with those in the Winrar File.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9tb2r6s7pkvsp35/2ND+AMERICAN+CIVIL+WAR.rar This is a reproduction of the Second American Civil War, present in Kaiserreich. There are original flags and portraits To install it, you need to replace your AOC2 folder with the one inside the Winrar file.
  4. Is not that by chance you were inspired by Red World, mod of hoi4? Because some maps seem similar to Red World.
  5. Purtroppo, io ho dovuto toglierla. Non perché non funzionava, ma semplicemente molte bandiere mancavano. Risolvi questo errore, per piacere! Unfortunately, I had to take it off. Not because it did not work, but simply many flags were missing. Resolve this error, please!
  6. Bellissimo! Da italiano, aspettavo uno scenario del genere! Very beautifull! As an Italian, I was waiting for such a scenario!
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