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  1. i think that values are random but i think you can edit with "growth rate"
  2. ITurkishmapping

    jar dosyasi

    türkçe forumuna yaz orda yardım edebilirim bide üye ol istersen
  3. i fixed the error i found 5 empty provinces which generator error i think also thank you for trying to help me! : )
  4. ITurkishmapping


  5. like how same count of provinces? i have over 6000 province map(with map generator) i need to add names for all provs?
  6. try java -cp "location of the jar" Main "Location of the photo" 1 cause its works on me when i put the location of the jar also
  7. he also pays for forums i think
  8. yeah that happended to me too when using sandbox mode is there fix?
  9. why you didnt countine in that one?
  10. is there alerady an english tutorial actually. why you need it?
  11. and that is old one but probably that is small compared to hoi4 provinces
  12. is there way to make province ids smaller?
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