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  1. is there 1 trillionbillion one?
  2. go to C:\Users\YOURPCSUSERNAME\Desktop\Age of Civilizations II\game\languages copy bunde.properties to desktop add your langueges tag to the one you copied on desktop add example for turkey bundle_tr.properties open with notepad++ and edit after put your language in C:\Users\I TurkishPC\Desktop\Age of Civilizations II\game\languages again and add your tag name into the archive named Age_of_Civilizations (also open with notepad++) example tr;
  3. olayların nasıl açıldığını derken?
  4. go to scenario settings change starting population and economy also increase population and economy growth if you want
  5. nasıl olmuyor android mi pcmi?
  6. ITurkishmapping


  7. borders look strange little bit
  8. ITurkishmapping


    i hope its release near time
  9. ITurkishmapping

    ONLİNE ?

    bilinmiyor ama galiba hayır
  10. theres some people doing very early scenerios but what year you talking about the first civilizations etc?
  11. looks good! i will try if i found some border mistake i will tell you :
  12. oh no great times going to waste with that
  13. going great! also you creating provinces with that template map (bg.png) of map editor?
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