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  1. btw good video as a new channel :)
  2. what you mean by saying without replacing main game files? like without replacing "civilizations" file in "game"?
  3. Everyone is dead :(

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    2. Shiite


      I'm not even active there kek

    3. Ilovethisgame2


      This two not figthing in a topic? Okay..

    4. Shiite


      we're fighting somewhere else kek

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  4. this needs to be in offtopic aoc2 not scenarios
  5. ITurkishmapping

    Remove player?

    Sadly you cant.
  6. ITurkishmapping

    The World

    this thing is still not archived lol
  7. Great mod! but theres also another guy is doing this too
  8. Do you reinstalled the game?
  9. Forum is so dead....

    1. ITurkishmapping


      And i cant found the discord server...

  10. here :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/sidc6mmu92giq8a/Liechtenstein.zip/file
  11. Güzel olmuş ama oyun ölmeden önce atsaydın daha iyi olabilirdi şimdi pek kimse bakmaz gibi
  12. the file https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3b675604720f25f6fd93c6ba72c79b8c48df3c78aedea409b1436acea0beba90/detection the url https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/df312a164273011cedd129683e9b245131838de8c4d67e5335da5ef819578c74/detection its cause of url i can upload to mediafire if you want
  13. lemme look virus total if its because of site i will upload to another
  14. Late tooo much but i always wanted a mod like this!
  15. i was tried to make that i have photos(only europe for test of that image to map converter for aoc). Also looks good hope you will finish it unlike me!
  16. looks like shiite is more loved than me sad.
  17. And now you can easily pass me if you want
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