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  1. you can add new ideology from governments.json file in Age of Civilizations II\game
  2. probably ai coded to reform country directly if its enable to reform some country you can fix it by creating custom german empire i fixed mine with custom civ
  3. i started like one week ago but can do it much because of exam week so im starting again now if you have suggestions you can write them in comments :)
  4. goto steam libary right click aoc2 select properties goto local files and you will see verify files also close if you have antivirus too
  5. you backuped files on that photo? if you backed up goto steam and verify files or reinstall game
  6. its probably in android/data folder i think
  7. try verify game files but before you do backup the files(your saves scenarios etc)
  8. you added technologies events diplomacy etc?
  9. yes its alerady welcomed before we all born
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