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  1. its 2019 why you dont have a pc :/
  2. It looks like a great mod. (Ayrıca adamı biraz rahat bırakın kurban bayramındayız sonuçta)
  3. Dont play aoc2 nowdays but it looks good! hope it will get interest
  4. ITurkishmapping

    Ak guvercin

    sdsdsds iyi söyledin
  5. this tool alerady maded by someone.. but good work!
  6. what you mean by saying without replacing main game files? like without replacing "civilizations" file in "game"?
  7. Everyone is dead :(

    1. Shiite


      I'm not even active there kek

    2. Ilovethisgame2


      This two not figthing in a topic? Okay..

    3. Shiite


      we're fighting somewhere else kek

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  8. this needs to be in offtopic aoc2 not scenarios
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