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  1. 1 hour ago, Guest Ljudevit Gaj said:

    It probably changes because in sandbox mode if you need your population to or economy or anyother stuff to grow you need to use console.

    Only problem with console is that with it you only get around 600-1000 population, not sure, so you need to spam it, same goes with economy and army

    Hope it helped

    tru but most of people "WHO USE CHEATS" so lazy to spam it so they mostly use sandbox

  2. 7 minutes ago, JustAnUser said:

    Sorry for the nonsensical question, but does it even have music? I also looked for the music files but there is only a "sounds" folder and the application i use for the files has an "audio" option and there isn't any music there. I think you have to mod them in.

    what? you need to put them in music file and you didnt have any "music" file?

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