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  1. is there alerady an english tutorial actually. why you need it?
  2. and that is old one but probably that is small compared to hoi4 provinces
  3. is there way to make province ids smaller?
  4. adam nerden anlayacak seni ingilizce yaz heralde türk olamaz birde üye ol
  5. oyun ayarlarından kazanmak için teknolojiyi falan açık bırakmışındır onu kapat
  6. so much guests

    1. Lonathan


      Really?.. Lmao I thought I made it quite obvious 

    2. goktug14
    3. Lonathan
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  7. eh oyun dosyalarına ulasabilirsen yaparsın belki ama mümkün görünmüyor öyle birşey
  8. ITurkishmapping


    i think is there way maybe but if you are want to stop spreading in game its impossible
  9. 2 scenarios?
  10. go to break that record with 5 months
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