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  1. IM NOT A FAKE EMPEROR! IM REAL! but not emperor of UNIVERSE too cause lukasz is emperor of UNIVERSE
  2. You cant cause shiites mods arent compatible for MOBILE PEASANTS
  3. i think your one is better cause its have so much choices but his sondtrack also good too
  4. tru but most of people "WHO USE CHEATS" so lazy to spam it so they mostly use sandbox
  5. ITurkishmapping


    what? you need to put them in music file and you didnt have any "music" file?
  6. when its have all songs you added in a pool how much gb it would be?
  7. yes probably also you was around 30-50 when i first joined here
  8. i only have one alt other people like future are my friends
  9. But isnt that crash the game? or that doesnt matter?
  10. if yours started with 1 i think yes... its needs to be started with 0. Oof for you
  11. ITurkishmapping


    do autosave every turn maybe?
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