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  1. Not sure if possible which is a major oversight
  2. I've played as a Democracy/Republuc abd the released vassal ends up Monarchy
  3. I'm on the android version. I was hoping for a listfor when I create scenarios I can do research on a different device
  4. Anybody have an up to date list of in game civilization?
  5. If added it should be an option with no capital change while in a war
  6. Which England and Scotland did you use whdn creating UK in formable civ editor
  7. Though unless I'm doing something wrong Android version only allows 1 edit at a time for base scenarios
  8. Maybe have the travel sped determined by your tech level
  9. And to add to that: allow formable nations/unions to be formed at stsrt of game
  10. Also maybe an option to have armies auto formed each turn Tgough that might only work decent in Sandbox mode
  11. Another suggestion: Like with my suggestion of unions being formablevat thevstart of the match let the formable civilizatioms be formed st the start
  12. The lowest is 30. I was saying let us haven even down to 5/10
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