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  1. Thanks, will work on it now.
  2. Let's hope this download will work. It's still work in progress, will add screenshots soon. 1547345716641eexpncoz.rar
  3. 1/13/19 Update: So far, the Ottoman and friends got rekked, Montenegro, Wallachia, Moldovia are dead, Ottoman is on the verge of dying, Sardinia declared war on us and thus are now at war with Germany, Russia, Austria, UK, and Qing, good job on decision making Sardinia, now you will be annexed. Ancient Egypt is also almost dead but I don't have a picture of it. This is what Ottoman looks like now:
  4. Aight time to try this scenario out!
  5. 1/12/19: This scenario is still in work in progress and is obviously incomplete. It is the year after the collapse of the Carolingan Empire. I put the Holy Roman Empire as the Carolingan Empire in this scenario, here is a screenshot, I will be regularly be posting updates on weekends only.
  6. Shiite is on his alts, disliking every negative comment posted about him again...
  7. Why the bloody hell is Shiite always use font size 36 or something all the time?
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