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  1. Venboven

    Economy bug

    You can abandon the province and re-colonize it. Invest in it as soon as you colonize it. It should begin new economic growth. Only downside is that abandoning a province cut its population by 75%. My 30,000 pop city that never grew any economy dropped to 7,000 after I re-colonized it. 😕
  2. Venboven

    Economy Bug

    Vendex_thegreatest, Thank you so much, this method does work. Just abandon it, colonize it, and invest, and BOOM just like that, the economy starts working again. This fixes it. Thank you. Edit: Only downside is that population in the province is cut by like 75% after abandoning it. My 30,000 population city went down to 7,000 after I recolonized it 😕 But I got the province's economy up to 20,000 🙂
  3. Is it normally this slow in other scenarios?
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