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  1. In the 1444 scenario, I'm trying to add an event that allows East Frisia gains its independence. The event works fine, but they don't seem to join the Holy Roman Empire. Does anyone know how to get new nations to join the HRE?
  2. I'm not great with computers. Can you explain step 3 like your talking to a toddler? Edit: Nevermind I got it. I'm so proud of myself
  3. Venboven

    Vassals glitch

    Whenever I release a vassal from the "Release a Vassal" button on my Nation Tab (and it has to be one of the nations already available on the list of nations on the right), the vassal that I release always gets a huge reduction in population. All of the vassal's provinces will drop to around 5,000 population (it varies per province) and I'm not sure why. If I release a vassal that isn't on this list (meaning I click "Select Civilization" to create a brand new country), then the vassal's population will stay intact after it's formed. This is also true when releasing a vassal during a peace deal; The population bug only seems to occur when the vassal is released from the pre-existing vassals list in the "Release a Vassal" button. Does anyone know how to release a pre-existing vassal without "Thanos snapping" its population away?
  4. What did you use for your trigger? It's still not working for me.
  5. Hey guys, as the title says, I need some help with scenarios - specifically the events. So, I made my own custom WWII scenario and I'm making events to have real life events play out historically in the game. When I'm finished, I hope it'll be like watching World War II unfold before my eyes in video game form. A perfect display of history. However, I've just run into my first problem: ending the Spanish Civil War. I built the scenario so that the game starts out with both sides at war. It's actually surprisingly random with whoever wins, but I've easily rigged it in favor of the Nationalists by manually giving them extra troops at the start. The problem instead lies with ending the war and having the Nationalists fully annex the Communist Republicans. They never have enough war score points. They usually end up taking just a few provinces and peacing out. To fix this, I've tried making an event: "End of the Spanish Civil War!" which will result in an immediate white peace between both sides and a capital move to Madrid. The white peace should allow the Nationalists full annexation of all conquered territory, which will be perfect because the event is triggered by Spain having 62 provinces or more, which is the amount of provinces they would have once they've occupied all Communist Republican territory. Only problem is, it doesn't fucking work. I've tried making other triggers/conditions for the event, such as "controlled provinces" and "occupied provinces" and brush-selecting the provinces of Spain. The "Number of provinces >=" which was what I tried using first, didn't work either. I've run out of triggers that would make sense. If anyone out there understands the events in this game, please help me. 😕
  6. Venboven

    Economy bug

    You can abandon the province and re-colonize it. Invest in it as soon as you colonize it. It should begin new economic growth. Only downside is that abandoning a province cut its population by 75%. My 30,000 pop city that never grew any economy dropped to 7,000 after I re-colonized it. 😕
  7. Venboven

    Economy Bug

    Vendex_thegreatest, Thank you so much, this method does work. Just abandon it, colonize it, and invest, and BOOM just like that, the economy starts working again. This fixes it. Thank you. Edit: Only downside is that population in the province is cut by like 75% after abandoning it. My 30,000 population city went down to 7,000 after I recolonized it 😕 But I got the province's economy up to 20,000 🙂
  8. Is it normally this slow in other scenarios?
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