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    Venboven got a reaction from ImperialistSouthBrazil in Help with scenario events   
    Hey guys, as the title says, I need some help with scenarios - specifically the events.
    So, I made my own custom WWII scenario and I'm making events to have real life events play out historically in the game. When I'm finished, I hope it'll be like watching World War II unfold before my eyes in video game form. A perfect display of history.
    However, I've just run into my first problem: ending the Spanish Civil War. I built the scenario so that the game starts out with both sides at war. It's actually surprisingly random with whoever wins, but I've easily rigged it in favor of the Nationalists by manually giving them extra troops at the start. The problem instead lies with ending the war and having the Nationalists fully annex the Communist Republicans. They never have enough war score points. They usually end up taking just a few provinces and peacing out. To fix this, I've tried making an event: "End of the Spanish Civil War!" which will result in an immediate white peace between both sides and a capital move to Madrid. The white peace should allow the Nationalists full annexation of all conquered territory, which will be perfect because the event is triggered by Spain having 62 provinces or more, which is the amount of provinces they would have once they've occupied all Communist Republican territory. Only problem is, it doesn't fucking work. I've tried making other triggers/conditions for the event, such as "controlled provinces" and "occupied provinces" and brush-selecting the provinces of Spain. The "Number of provinces >=" which was what I tried using first, didn't work either. I've run out of triggers that would make sense. If anyone out there understands the events in this game, please help me. 😕
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    Venboven got a reaction from D1003 Briner in Economy Bug   
    Vendex_thegreatest, Thank you so much, this method does work. Just abandon it, colonize it, and invest, and BOOM just like that, the economy starts working again. This fixes it. Thank you.
    Edit: Only downside is that population in the province is cut by like 75% after abandoning it. My 30,000 population city went down to 7,000 after I recolonized it 😕 But I got the province's economy up to 20,000 🙂
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    Venboven reacted to Aryan in Help with scenario events   
    After some experiments I realized that the ai ends the war before the event can fire. I did not encounter this since I was doing Spanish Civil War and islands are involved. I also never encounter it when I am playing as that nation. 
    I have a theory. If you give each side an insignificant province in the ocean through the event that begins the war, then this should not happen as the provinces will remain occupied. The ai takes a lot of time before peacing out in case of a stalemate.You can return the provinces by the event that ends the war. I would recommend giving the islands of the small Pacific nations since they rarely do anything. This would ensure that your gameplay is not affected. I will have to test this out.(I am currently making two 4 way civil wars so I will have plenty of opportunities to do that.) I know how difficult it can be to get civil wars to work.
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    Venboven reacted to TheDash in Advanced Event Modding Documentation   
    I'll post a tutorial about it.
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    Venboven reacted to TheDash in Advanced Event Modding Documentation   
    I think I made AoC II into a Hoi 4 lite...

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    Venboven reacted to 11:59 Development Team in Advanced Event Modding Documentation   
    How do you make a scripted peace deal always fire? How do you annex provinces regardless of the province's owner? How do you make generic events for countries that continue to add flavour long after the event chains end? How do you script dynamic alternate history paths for an AI to take? Well, here's how. The order that the effects should go in will be listed top to bottom.
    How to make an event annex a province regardless of the owner:
    - Update the provinces that you wish to be annexed to Country A to wasteland. (Update Wasteland command)
    - Update the provinces that you just turned into wasteland into normal provinces. (Update Wasteland command)
    - Annex the provinces from their new neutral owners to Country A. (Annexation command, Old Controller: Neutral, New Controller: Country A).
    How to make a scripted peace deal always fire correctly:
    - Create a new isolated province at the bottom of the map, and set it to be a land province. Make sure that it has no adjacencies.
    - Put the 'Age of Civilizations' civilisation there.
    - Use this AI civilisation to process your events for you, for instance population initialisation would be an example. In this case, we want a scripted peace deal.
    - Put your scripted peace deal on repeatable and assign the recipient to be this new AI civilisation (Age of Civilizations). Make sure that the event uses Provinces >= and Provinces <, instead of Controls Provinces or Owns Provinces.
    How to add generic events that add flavour:
    - Put said event on repeatable and add an event chance. The recipient can also be set to Random Civilisation, but in doing so, event chance must be dropped.
    How to script dynamic AI paths:
    - Plan ahead. Grab out Notepad++ and make sure all the events add up to 100%. List the paths you want the country to be able to take, and make sure that they aren't too drastic.
    - Add multiple events in game, all interconnected with each other. Make sure all the end dates and start dates line up exactly. Make sure that each event has at least a trigger, especially later on. The way these events can be linked is that if you wish for a delay, set the trigger to 'Decision Taken:'. If you do not wish for a delay, set the preceding event's command to be 'Trigger Another Event:'. This causes the events to be processed in a single turn. Each event should end up with a 100% total for each AI chance. Make sure that they are all set, and that there aren't any 'holes' in the chain.
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    Venboven reacted to Emery Thrash in Advanced Event Modding Documentation   
    What I would like to do (in my costom ww2 scenario) is make it possible to make it to where when a civil war is triggered in some country,  both sides have the ability (depending on which side wins the civil war) to annex all of the land that the county had originally. 
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    Venboven got a reaction from One Fan Of This Game in Holy Roman empire(at the maximum extension)   
    Needs a little more Polish land
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    Venboven reacted to Boblik in Dominio - Some weird alternate history mod I made   
    lol what is this, makes no sense lmao
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    Venboven reacted to Gökdeniz in Advancing the turn is too slow in my scenario.   
    Firstly I am sorry about my english.
    I created WW1 scenario in mobile.But when I advance the turn I wait a lot.How can I fix that problem.
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    Venboven reacted to Suzema in Age of Elder Scrolls | UPDATE IN 2021   
    This is a full map

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    Venboven reacted to Голубь Голубок in Age of Elder Scrolls | UPDATE IN 2021   
    хм нiхуева чiкса для чпоканiя
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    Venboven reacted to Suzema in Age of Elder Scrolls | UPDATE IN 2021   
    103/~1800 provinces

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    Venboven reacted to Reich in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE   
    January 2019
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    Venboven reacted to Wersjon in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE   
    any screenshots?
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    Venboven reacted to Lonathan in Ability to annex vassals   
    Just like I said doing something like this can be really expensive 
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    Venboven reacted to Lonathan in Ability to annex vassals   
    Well they mostly don't accept it and like i said if they say no then you will be tangled in a messy war 
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    Venboven reacted to Lonathan in Ability to annex vassals   
    I hate it when I make a vassal and after a while they become useless to me and I can't annex them and I have to get in a messy war even If I just want 1-2 provinces from that vassal it's so annoying so my suggestion there should be a button to take a certain amount of provinces from a vassal 
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