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  1. Will it be compatible with latest Addon + version?
  2. Just delete some files that already exist in vanilla, unmodded AoC2 instead of forcing people to post pictures of "feeding animals". Also, stop spamming download links, everyone can see them at the top page. By the way the mod already looks bad even without playing lmao
  3. I am offended and i feel polish.
  4. Hydra

    More Provinces

    *happiness noises*
  5. It's 2020 already, are you still working on it?
  6. Will there be historical borders?
  7. This polish translation hurts my eyes. I am polish, and this should like this: "To jest scenariusz wojny emu, która wydarzyła się w prawdziwym świecie. Wymaga Addon+." Wait why i am writing this comment
  8. Can't wait for at least alpha Don't rush, rushed mods are the worst.
  9. The mod is cool, but now it crashes when loading finishes.
  10. Scenarios, a lot of civilizations(somewhere around 3000) and new music.
  11. If it has Star Wars civs, i download it.
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