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  1. You know there are multiple ways to take a screenshot right? Theres F12 Steam Screenshot then theres Ctrl+Alt+Prt Scr - which you can paste into Microsoft paint
  2. unfortunately the mod is going to be on Hiatus. As of now im going to school and Working in the afternoon leaving me almost no time to Enjoy myself let alone keep adding stuff to the Mod. This will be the last update for the upcoming future. If anyone wants to Continue this project they have my full consent I added in events a few events for lombards and the Avars. As always the download at the first page will contain the latest updated version.
  3. Hello Everyone, The New Update is out! with the focus on France and the Abbasid Revolution. The Frankish kingdoms united when Neustria declared war on Austrasia in 678 A.D. The war was mainly backed by the Carolingian Dynasty and Ended with the Unification of Francia. At this time Austrasia had gone to war many times ( though they allied against outside forces ). However to make this as simple as possible ( and because event peace deals only taking 3-5 provinces is BS as is ) you will only need to occupy a big majority of their country. Once that is done an event will fire and you will form the country of francias. Under the hands of a good player, you can make Francias a Superpower in Europe ( as it was historically ) Note the picture above is a different save when i annexed Aquitaine first before the Visigoths had a chance. The next part of the Update covered the Abbasid Revolution. The Abu Muslims were Discontent with the way the Umayyads were Ruling, So they took upon open Revolt in 747 A.D carrying a black crest as their banner, and they eventually overthrew Umayyads rule in the Middle East and put the Abbasid Dynasty in Power. Umayyads have 2 options. Opt for peace and be thrown out of the Middle East ( only added this option in-case you were riddled with losing wars right now, A.I will never take this path ) Or Subjugate the rebels, There is only 1 Peace event and it favors the Abbasid. you will have the conquer back whatever provinces you lost in a real peace-deal. Pictures have been added to the majority of the Events. Starting now Updates will be focusing on Europe ( unless there are problems you find in the Muslim side of the world that i can fix )
  4. Indeed, if the the Rashidun are left to the A.I then they will always let Muawiya become caliph. The other option is to let Hasan Ibn Ali become caliph ( the grandson of the Prophet ) and continue on as the Rashidun. Its just an Alternative History Option, The only options forced on you is the initial conquest of Persia and Africa you can decline the other wars that follow.
  5. They will accept 40k for a province, however if it is there Core they will never accept no matter how much you offer.
  6. Yes, next update is currently planned for Sunday 1/13/19. The current work being done is Working on the Turkish Khagnate and its fracture ( with Kanger Union and Khazaria breaking off, so another Custom civ needs to be added ) Invasion of Southern France by Umayyads ( Might not even happen if Rashidun collapse ) Adding in decisions for Byzantines to give the Spanish Isles or face war ( will send a letter to the Byzantines to accept it or not, so players have the option to go to war, but there will be no peace event for this ) Add in peace events for the Asturias so they can survive Add in the Abbasid Revolution After this update is out, i will start to mop up the Events Muslim side of the world while putting in pictures for the current events. Finally after that is all done i will add in Events for Europeans. Like the Lombards taking over Italy, the Unification of Francias, Bulgars invasion on the Balkans ect.
  7. There are a couple of things you can try, like i find Ollie bye covering this period. here are some of his videos History of the World - Map of the Entire World History of Western Europe - for more detailed borders History of Europe - This is done by Cottereau who actually list his sources History of India - Map of India You can also look at Emperortigerstar's channel as he makes those type of videos aswell. Do note that these sources might not have 100% accuracy on there maps, its all about having fun making the scenario. If you enjoy it then i find that its a good use of your time.
  8. First make the all the Custom nations that you will be using for the scenario, because if you add in events then make the custom civs at a later date it will break most of the events that you spent time making.
  9. Hello Everyone, As of Now Dark Ages v1.3 is out, The main features are a map-work of the Britain and Scandinavia and Tweaking of Events for making an Alternate History in your game. The game did not have the Kingdoms of Deira, Lindsey or East Anglia ( though thankfully it has thousands of other civilizations, thank you Lucas for your hard work ), these Civs have been added in so that they fit the current Era ( Northumbria and Anglo-Saxons just didn't fit in being in the isles at this time ). As you can see, there is no longer 3 mega tribes taking vast swaths of the map, instead their are smaller costume civilizations gathered around in the region. The other Features Players now have the option to play as Sassanians and survive. If you survive until around turn 45, you have successfully Beaten back the Umayyad Empire out of Persia and Mesopotamia. If you are playing as the Byzantines, you will get no bonuses to help aid you in fighting off the Rashidun ( you are the #1 power afterall ) however if you do manage to force them out of Egypt-Palestine you will get a Event allowing you to re-take back the land that was lost. Some context has been added onto the reason the Umayyad Caliphate is revolting against the Rashidun - Basically you have the option to let Mu'awiya take power, as he did historically, forming the Umayyad Caliphate or you have the option to Appoint Hasan Abn Ali, The grandson of Muhammad, as the Caliph sparking a civil war ( The historical one is very Overpowered as the Umayyad are powerful enough without the bonuses ). In the event that Both Jihads against Persia and Byzantium fail the Rashidun caliphate will face collapse. That is most of the features for this version of Dark Ages, i'm hoping that within the next 2 we will get into the Abbasid Revolution P.S ignore the sandbox mode lol, i just wanted to make sure the event worked properly.
  10. Hello Balamber, The map for Western Europe is largely undone, Thanks for pointing out Theodosia ( as i was tired when mapping that out and completely forgot about it later. ), Altais is in Africa because there was a Roman-Beber city state their Called Altava. Both their flags are Similar enough, but ill add it in next update ( which will be coming out this week ). The things i am doing as of Now Redrawing the map for India and Europe, as they are both Inaccurate to some degree ( harsha's Empire should be the Sthanishvara Empire aswell as adding in more fractured British Isles Kingdoms ( the Angles and Saxons are there for a placeholder just like Atlais was for in Africa ). Making the Civs to go with the proper era Doing events for Umayyad Conquest of Ibera. Alternate History events in-case Rashidun Caliphate fail their Jihads. When these things are Finished ill release the Update, and Thank you for pointing out those mistakes.
  11. Hey Abu Muawiya, I agree with you about the Rashidun Caliphate being Overpowered, However that is because the A.I is very passive in attacking the Sassanians. If they do not take enough land fast enough in the first 50 turns, then Both Byzantines and Sassanian's would be at war with them and without player guidance they usually fall easily. However i will add in events that only trigger with players holding either the Sassanian Empire or the Rashidun Caliphate so it won't be as easy as it is now to just roll over them. Thank you for the input and the Information about the Umayyads.
  12. Hello everyone, i have posted a small update as of today. -Images for the events involving the Jihads against Persia / Eastern Roman Empire -Events to help the Umayyad A.I help take out the Rashidun ( It only post some challenge to players, as the A.I in this game is way to passive even with big advantages. i found no problem taking out the Umayyads as long as you prevent them from advancing ) - Bulgarian and Hungarian Migration events to get out of the Caucuses -Some events detailing the fall of Africa for the Roman Empire - Giving them a small boost in population I know its not a huge update, but i plan to keep adding things into the mod until i find it Complete. My current objective is to set up Events all the way up to 800 A.D ( over 500 turns of gameplay ). Afterwards the map gets really messy as is so that's where i plan to finish the mod. Umayyads are looking pretty Thicc 250 turns in.
  13. Yes i know, they are the syr-tardush - or the Xueyantuo were situated north of the Tang Dynasty. They are also Kirgihz and some Mongolian tribes but i cant find a good map that goes deep into detail about them- Currently there are only 3 custom countries and i plan to add more, as you clearly have noticed Xiongnnu but there are also Hungarians, which should be named Magyr, and cumans that don't belong. I'll release another updated version with more countries tommorow, and i plan to add some more events spawning countries in later this week.
  14. Hello There! I love to make my own scenarios in my free time. while they might not be 100% accurate i still learn a lot from doing them while having fun. I am releasing this mod mainly so people can offer suggesting to it, or even help me out with events, cores, or other minor problems. Here is the Scenario: The year is 640 Anno Domini, 8 years after the death of the Great Prophet Muhammad. Caliph Umar Ibn Al-Khattab is the current Caliph who is leading the war against the Byzantine and Sassanian Empires, The Byzantines have lost parts of Egypt and Jerusalem, Yet they still retain control over Africa and Anatolia. This is the major turning point in History, Will this world follow the Real World's footsteps and have Islam conquer Africa and Persia or will the world see a new Alternative history with new Empires taking over the Story? Europe As of Now Middle East/Asia as of now Possible things to be done. Add in Custom Leaders - Umar - Rashidun, Rothari - Lombardy, Ect. Work on spawning in various tribes / kingdoms as the game goes on. Rise of the Kingdom of Asurias The Umayyad Caliph Collapse and the Abbasids Rise Alternate history where Rashidun Caliph stays in power Current Features A new Government Currently there is a expansion event For Rashidun Conquest on Persia and Africa Rise of the Umayyad Caliphate and the Expansion under its time. various nomadic tribes can migrate - to be expanded upon later The Download If you want to help support the mod either by having suggestions ( like adding in specific tribes to an area ) just PM me on this account.
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