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  1. Hello! These are screenshots from making Kekreich scenario! What would you correct, add?
  2. There is kekistan at german land and its 1933 but ill add weabos
  3. Hay guys! I'm currently working on scenerio called "Kekreich". It's funny shitty thing but i think it could be greater than i expected.😂 It's fictional meme scenario and im planning to make it very big and add much lore and events So, i have a question, wich civilizations and alliances should I add? Here is my list with must add ones: Kekistan Kingdom of Lukas Normies Poland France Spain Spanish inq. Hunagary Ukraine Latin empire (?) What do you think it should have? I'll post screens from my work at 18-19
  4. Łukasz thanks so f*#$%&@ much i was looking for it for ages (XD)
  5. Boblik, you reskined nazi Germany and now want to add genocides?
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