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  1. I have a suuggestion, i don't know if it will be possible to make but more realistic population counts. So the world has a total of 7 billion people and not around 100 million. I don't know if you want to add things like this in your mod but it would surely be very cool. Keep up the good work! I really love to play the game with your mod!
  2. I fixed it only needed to delete all the province connections and reconnect them all and now it works!
  3. i added the provinces as there were 9 provinces and now there are 12 so i added 3 provinces but the borders are still from the old provinces.
  4. So i wanted to add all provinces of The Netherlands into AOC but as you can see on the images the borders of the provinces are not at the right place. Does someone know how to fix this?
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