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  1. Every country believes that their borders should be much further than they are today. At least, the used to believe it. I would like to start a thread where everyone would just say how big his country could be. I am not intended to make people fight with each other. I just want to learn how other people see history. I start: Country:Greece Year of Independence :1830 Possible lands: Northern Epirus (part of Albania) Northern Macedonia (part of FYROM and Bulgaria) Eastern Thrace(part of Turkey) Minor Asia(part of Turkey) Pontus(part of Turkey) C
  2. Εδώ πέρα μπορεί να γράφει η Ελληνική κοινότητα.
  3. I am new here. I have found lots of senarios. However, i would like to download only the best. Can anybody compare different scenarios or just chooce the best?
  4. Agree. Cancer should not be a disease. So i could add another idea. We could create new diseases and disable default ones.
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