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  1. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/2390-age-of-fixing-bugs/
  2. game developer created a discussion, where said what he focus on bugs in march
  3. YuraTheGreat

    few glithes

    I decided to create a discussion where I include a small number of bugs. immediately i will say - my English knowledge very bad, sorry if you will see some mistakes 😕 -on this screenshot ai trying to attack with small amount of troops. eventually this impossible, because in game has limit of minimum troops to attack 10. -on this screenshot you can see rebels who could not to form a state. p.s you cannot go into diplomacy with him. p.s.s also there russia conquered Serbia, and after signing the peace Serbian provinces steel looks like occupation. -on this two screenshots you can see how Belgium population and economy resets to zero after creating a vassal. p.s this is a scenario of ww1 maded by me -on this screenshot can see troops of north korea in occupation of south korea. before that I concluded alliance with south korea and declared war on north korea. at the end of the war all my troops were destroyed to zero, but in statistic i has 5,324. generally buggy system war with allies. sometimes the enemy may attack with 100 troops the occupation of your allies, where is 500 of your troops, and win. I think about glitch kinda "opinion resets to 0.0" everybody knows, then I don't put this in my list. I want to contact to game developer: please, at least fix these bugs. not only me are big fan of this game. I know many people who very likes this game and waiting for updates. I still waiting for update march 2020...
  4. ясно, очередной аут
  5. why did you close the discussion with Fixing bugs? 


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    2. YuraTheGreat



    3. Comrade JP

      Comrade JP

      I mean, the ios version of aoc2 has been released, so he might start fixing bugs

    4. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Don't forget to fix the July -> September -> August bug!

  6. не, ну если все равно не начал фиксить баги, то мог бы убрать "In March" из предложения, чтоб совесть хоть как-то чище стала. 

  7. "In March I will focus my work on that!" March ends in 2 days. Where fix bugs?
  8. since year also don't working in wonders. big ben in 1200 year, lol
  9. until year in wonders don't working
  10. Сидит такой человек, дрочит на рикардо, да. и тут он от понимания того, что его жизньнастолько бессмыслена - тратит свое время на то, чтобы продизлайкать мои 37 комментариев где либо.

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