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  1. Oh, it looks like the map is not supported for a long time
  2. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/2390-age-of-fixing-bugs/
  3. game developer created a discussion, where said what he focus on bugs in march
  4. YuraTheGreat

    few glithes

    I decided to create a discussion where I include a small number of bugs. immediately i will say - my English knowledge very bad, sorry if you will see some mistakes 😕 -on this screenshot ai trying to attack with small amount of troops. eventually this impossible, because in game has limit of minimum troops to attack 10. -on this screenshot you can see rebels who could not to form a state. p.s you cannot go into diplomacy with him. p.s.s also there russia conquered Serbia, and after signing the peace Serbian provinces steel looks like occupation. -on
  5. ясно, очередной аут
  6. why did you close the discussion with Fixing bugs? 


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    2. YuraTheGreat
    3. Comrade JP

      Comrade JP

      I mean, the ios version of aoc2 has been released, so he might start fixing bugs

    4. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Don't forget to fix the July -> September -> August bug!

  7. не, ну если все равно не начал фиксить баги, то мог бы убрать "In March" из предложения, чтоб совесть хоть как-то чище стала. 

  8. "In March I will focus my work on that!" March ends in 2 days. Where fix bugs?
  9. since year also don't working in wonders. big ben in 1200 year, lol
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