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  1. Google drive link does now work
  2. Thx it worked, just had to telete the game
  3. I cannot figure out the process of installing it on Android, help pls
  4. He said no in a steam discussion months ago
  5. He could get a team or atleast 1 or 2 more guys to help him
  6. You promised STEAM workshop at the beginning of january, still waiting
  7. Ik, but if you are making a 20 minute video you should do something exiting in it you know?
  8. Yeah, I agree, but if we want stable multiplayer with mods we need the steam workshop, like when you start the game there should be a tab to select wich version to play, the multiplayer one should have a tab where you activate your mods+the multiplayer one is the base game without your edits or scenarios(only the selected mods) so that the player hosting the match has the same ver as the ones joining
  9. Every name has a color here man, I just don't like fake promises, whatever you say 🙂
  10. Feelsbadman, I first started playing shooters when I got small and by doing that I gained lots of friends and then we proceeded to play other games as shooters were getting a bit old
  11. In '50 states for what?' I was referring to what do you need them for, like they're gonna break the game with all of them at once, and friends are important to you enjoying a game, idk abt you but from where I am from everyone has groups of friends that they game with
  12. First of a 50 mods for what? And second of all this is AoC2 and with dumb friends like mine it would be easier for them to get mods from the steam workshop(when multiplayer comes out) I bought this game 1 week after it launched, but i want multiplayer because it just gets boring after a while, like we aren't in the 00's anymore, multiplayer is what a game should have if it wants longevity
  13. I don't want to go to an external website to get my mods, steam workshop is mich better + he promised it, if we want mods in multiplayer we need steam workshop, he's a smart guy, he should figure it out at last
  14. Steam workshop coming in the beginning of january, huh, please release it, if this takes so long then when will we get multiplayer?
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