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  1. File uploads have a size limit,so I put a number of scenarios in part2 of the mod file.

    I have translated most of the civilization required in the game, but since I am not from an English speaking country,some of translations may be wrong.I did not translate the civilizations of the warring states period in japan,because it was very troublesome for me to translate from Chinese character to Japanese and then to Roman pronunciation.AgeofChineseCivilizations.thumb.jpg.2636fe701bd05261354069d7e9f7f2ee.jpg

  2. I just made 50 provinces,put them in a file,and then copied into the game file,then the game crashed.I can't switch to the map I made.What did I do wrong?

    The following is the game file,could you check it for me?


    I fixed it.I accidentally skipped one when I was sorting.

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