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  1. I will make the scenarios in a virtual machine (from Limbo PC Emulator)


  2. Cara irá ficar muito bom então continua véi
  3. Yes, have things likes Kaiserreich but depends of your decisions on the game, example: if germany enter in crises the German revolution gonna happen and the comunists and the Facists will wants the power
  4. Hey @memososisi you know how to make the upload of scenarios in AoC2 on android ?
  5. Can you fix the borders of states of Brazil, please ?
  6. Sorry but i'll remake this scenario because the aoc2 Gets glitches in my tablet and I don't know who uninstalled and i'll remake in Factorial Mod
  7. Hey guys I need a help! I don't know make upload of scenarios in android, Can you help me?
  8. The email of Luckasz 👉 jakowskidev@gmail.com
  9. Fix the borders inter Brazil and Colombia please
  10. North and Central America and Oceania Are too Ready. Dowload: Coming Soon
  11. Hello everyone I'm making a alternative Scenario of a alternative World War 1 Scenario What's New? *New Civilizations/Nations: Example: Dervish State *Alternative Events: Example: Alternate Sindicalists War *New Revolutions/Rebellions/Revolts: Example:Revolts on Croatia So what do I do for you?
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