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  1. Oh, I forgot that in that scenario everything except Australia is wasteland, but formable countries are added in the game editor so you can’t delete it for one scenario
  2. The AI only want's sometimes to trade for making a coalition but it would be nice if a country also want's sometimes to buy a province from you and from other countries and that a big countries can send an ultimatum to you and the other countries. Sorry for my English
  3. I think it's an easter egg because of Austria-Hungary
  4. MS1903

    Economy Bug

    I have sometimes the same issue (on my biggest cities!) but not with many provinces
  5. MS1903

    Trading bug

    I wanted one province for 1m gold and the AI doesn't accept it.
  6. Try reinstalling Steam
  7. When I change the name of a city and restart the game than the name of the city is changed to the old name.
  8. I had same idea and wanted to post a suggestion but then saw this and I agree, it would be very nice because I have many provinces and it's annoying that you have to click on every province. And maybe someone can make a mod for this if the developer doesn't make that. Sorry if I have a spelling mistake, I'm not an English speaker.
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