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  1. can you also make it so that in the 1914 start date ww1 wont always happen or you have the option to make it happen
  2. French Revolution or Seven Years War
  3. once again great job so far one thing i noticed however is that in the 1911 scenario china,mongolia,tibet and tuva should be the qing dynasty as that had collapsed in 1912
  4. @Kerems2434oh nice i didn't know that will it have events? this scenario is actually a couple years before 1914 btw
  5. hello this is a scenario for the gathering storm 1936 mod which just adds a ww1 scenario to it link the scenario:https://www.mediafire.com/file/ckjt77dz5qibauz/1625098477598gqmqfogl.zip/file link to gathering storm:
  6. i keep encountering this bug when i try to load a game with this mod it doesn't let me load into a game it just starts a new one
  7. Nice job👍 Only thing that should be changed is denmark should be denmark-norway but other than that impressive job
  8. Ha i like this one its pretty much him i just hope soon he will publish ios and steam workshop
  9. How About a improved Napoleonic wars scenario with events
  10. Hey I just created a custom map but when I click on it in maps the game crashes

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