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  1. It seems that you didn't encountered that bug yet so you don't know how it looks. In the giant games like that, game just start to auto save every turn no matter what (whether auto save was turned off completely or was it per 100 turns) and that saves don't ever succeed - save file don't ever appears. And when you play big games you know that save time in late game became...like...long. So that bug ruins the game from that moment.
  2. Well, I like long and interesting games, and it goes just perfect every time, until that bug appears.
  3. Try to turn off autosave, start new random game with something like 2k of countries then try to play from 5000bc to let's say 1600ad. And tell us about your experience.
  4. Well. I think the #1 bug that should be fixed is the save/autosave late game bug described in other threads. Without that fix, others don't make any sense. I stopped to play the game completely because of this.
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