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  1. its january 2020 now

    steam workshop is 1 year late.... please deliver it eventually?

  2. no i dont think so sorry
  3. does anyone know if this mod is available also im bacK!!!
  4. Hey, Why could you not do this on this site? i thought that was what the clubs were for.
  5. this guy is keeping the server alive!

  6. I was trying to make it so it just happened when all conditions were fulfilled not have a set date
  7. i dont know. sorry my friend!
  8. I think gylala (YT) Has a video about it
  9. I don't know what im doing wrong? none of my events show up!
  10. Yo man whats the mod about?

  11. The Coalition ,The League and the Movement holding most power in the world some reminisce about how this situation came about... In the wake of a very different second world war, with Trotsky taking power instead of Stalin and Hitler remaining true to the Socialist part of National Socialism the two nations forged an alliance quickly dividing eastern Europe between them. With the Unified Socialist League supporting revolutions within allied countries the west was forced to act creating the Coalition Of Nations to start the fight against the rapidly expanding League.Following years of brutal war the Coalition was defeated and the League seized the spoils greedily forcing puppet goverments in charge and sending their great militaries everywhere to aid Communist Uprisings. seeing this The Non aligned Movement formed to guard their borders against outside influence. The coalition remained intact but severely weakened and tried to support rebellions in places such as japan.The League aimed to counter this but the two Leaders of Hitler and Trotsky refused to come to an agreement. With these two giants relations tensing and the Movement becoming stronger.The world is set for another war! Will the Coalition take back power? Will Hitler split from the union? Will the Movement be forced to intervene its all up to you! (looking for a partner to do this with! hopefully we'll have events and ill post screenshots soon!)
  12. lucasz if you plan on abandoning the game will you release the source code?So the game isn't left to rot and die?

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    2. Irish empire

      Irish empire

      but he said hes working on a different game

    3. WorkPlease


      it might be aoc3 so it wont die

    4. WorkPlease


      I'm so close to Irish empire for this week

  13. Love your channel

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