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  1. Love your channel

    1. GyLala



  2. I don't think you can do anything
  3. That has happened to me sometimes with new games.i know this is a stupid question but have you turned your PC off and on again?
  4. Lucas are we ever gonna find out what you are doing? We all want workshop!
  5. Lucas are we ever gonna find out what you are doing? We all want workshop!
  6. Are you on mobile or PC?
  7. Honestly the leaders system is broken bad!and I think doing the gauurenteez to Benelux is a good idea as they did actually have them!if you find a way tho share themod pleAse do I want to play it!
  8. sorry that was a mistake I agree with you partly about the generals. But the overrating of Rommel is an outcome of British overrating of Montgomery who was the one who drove Rommel back from Egypt. .especially here in Ireland and the U.K we are constantly given the opinion when studying world war two Monty was the best general/one of the best. as a result of this we look further into Monty's combat career and we can see that he was very successful(apart from in Holland). Monty was like Russia's Zhukov the pride of the nation.to boost his status further and to boost Britain's importance, they made Rommel out to be an amazing general and only a outstanding person like Bernard Montgomery could ever defeat him right?Rommel is overrated but I think that Montgomery is definitely the most overrated general of ww2 Rommel is actually my favourite general and I know a bit about his background. He performed great in the French campaign sometimes 32 miles ahead of the main advance. it was only here hitler noticed him.in one instance he took 10,000 French prisoners losing 36 men the German incursion Into north Africa was just meant to be on a support mission to help the beaten Italian troops(so a small army) but Rommel was given permission to launch attacks if he saw fit. as im sure you know he drove them back to Tobruk and el Alemain. even though he made these great territorial gains for the germans he is still very overrated, while people like guderian and manstein are underrated.i think guderan was actually a better general than manstein though
  9. 😅so this might sound weird but I was wondering if any ye are into ww2 I mean big into it maybe this page could become a debating ground about ww2 I'm looking for chexier to be here all the waY!
  11. okay well I did my research on Romanian territorial losses some more and I found these pics and if you don't mind I want to ramble about how they happened the first loss (antonescu hasn't taken over yet}is to the north east shaded in. this was awarded to Hungary after some skirmishes and Hungarian claims to the area. I believe(might be wrong) this was the first Vienna award.(transylavania was and still is a ethnically divided area and cause troubles even now the second I believe was that loss to Bulgaria in the southern area I actually don't know the background sorry but it happened anyway and ya now I actually made a mistake here with Bessarabia and the soviet invasion this was actually a secret protocol in the Molotov Ribbentrop pact which as ye know WAS signed on 23rd august 1939 the invasion didn't actually happen until June 28th 1940 after france had fallen and therefore there guarantee of independence to Romania had as well so you have 3 options 1..ignore the bit about bessarbia 2.make a guarantee from france to romania 3. let Russia aneex the area and just so you kbow maybe make a gaurentee from britian/france to Poland and decrease relations between germany and Poland so they will start war bringing in the allies iwish you goodluck and don't worry ill come back to nitpick some more!
  12. irish empire {ww2 nerd} casually browsing forums sees this reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noooooooooo! the Vienna awards to add on to Hungary Romania needs to be bullied transylavania bessarbia transylavania and that Bulgarian annexation of the lower territories Slovakia was a vassal state of the german reich error on part of lucas here might need to be fixed Italy had to cede all islands in the eastern Adriatic and most of Istria, including the provinces of Fiume, Zara, and most of Gorizia and Pola to Yugoslavia in the paris peace deals of 1947 they had this beforehand. and instead of having spain as a axis member why not bulagaria,romania, and hungary? (finland maybe) sorry if this came across wrong wasn't trying to be mean just improvemnets
  13. thanks for the follow man

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