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  1. I can’t wait anymore...this is getting REALLY annoying, every day I check the appstore and the fb page for an update, but nothing...😩 Why doesn’t he just try to release this game and then focus on other things....please finish what you’ve started!
  2. ITA13

    where be ios version

    PC on steam
  3. I can’t wait anymore😫 I want the game on IOS😪
  4. ITA13


    Ciao a tutti, un altro Italiano qui. Gioco da molto tempo a Age of civilizations, dai tempi della prima release su android anni fa. Al momento gioco sull esclusivamente su PC. Ci si vede in giro👋🏻
  5. Am I the only one?😄 Basically I only play with the modern map scenario, 10 January 2018.
  6. ITA13

    Some suggestions

    I agree👍🏻 Especially on the number 2 and 3. Good suggestions😁
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