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  1. this is amazing, im using it for both the small and big map!
  2. a interwar period would be nice, 1919 to 1935 and maybe a russian civilwar scenario, and an 1815
  3. Post your ideas here
  4. again, i remade all the provinces replaced everything set the numbers correctly, but sinces its stuck on the custom map i made the game won't launch at all! it just tries to launch my map but it closes itself.
  5. and now a province is not showing, someoneplease help me...
  6. is there anyway i can get them back? instead of wasting another 9 hours of my life, i had them in a certain folder but i accidently erased them and i can't find them in my recycled bin, i tried restoring past versions but nothing popped up can anyone help me please! -edit the ocean files are still in the java aoc2 editor java but how do i grab them from there?
  7. alt ( i fixed but i accidently erased the ocean files... )
  8. This is a randomly occurring bug so it doesn't happen often Basically, I launched my game and it had no text, I'm not sure how it got like this but I came here to report it. Sorry for breaking a rule.
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