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  1. (PT-BR)Olá,obrigado por baixar esse mod,ele foi feito por mim mesmo,SorenKS,ele está em Fase de Beta,por isso ainda há alguns bugs e está sem eventos,eu irei arrumar no futuro,em grandes atualizações. O Cenário se passa em 1933,alguns anos depois da Grande Guerra,mas não houve nenhum vencedor,apenas todos saíram perdendo e algumas das Monarquias e Repúblicas ficaram fracas e acabaram nas Mãos de Legionários Nacionalistas ou de Comunistas Sindicalistas. (EN) Hello, thanks for downloading this mod, it was made by myself, SorenKS, it is in Beta Phase, so there are still some bugs and it's out of events, I'll fix it in the future in major updates. The Scenario is set in 1933, a few years after the Great War, but there were no winner, only everyone lost and some of the monarchies and republics were weak and ended up in the hands of Nationalist Legionnaires or Unionist Communists. Enjoy. Link of Donwload: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xilhmp0vcw4cil7/Project_Legion-33.rar/file
  2. German Military Junta and de German Reich (or nazi germany)
  3. ok boi : ) Any constructive criticism is welcome :)
  4. The scenario has been Inspired by the HOI4 with German Civil War with the national focus: "Oppose Hitler". It's my first scenario ; ) German Civil War.rar
  5. the Scenario has been inspired by the National Focus of HOI4 "Oppose Hitler"... so enjoy : ) German Civil War.rar
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    Socialist world with USSR (scenario)
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