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  1. For people that wanted screenshot , here it is ! Europe 1924
  2. Hi I present to you a Scenario named 1924 : Another Threat which is a Alternate 1924 Timeline : 1917 : The Russian Revolution failed, Lenin & the communist decide to exil in the German Empire. Central Powers is pushed back to their former borders. At the end of the year, Entente forces push in Germany & Austria-Hungary 1918 : The Great War is won by the Entente. The Weimar Republic is proclamed. Thanks to their actions in the war, Poland & the Baltic States is freed by the Russian Empire (Only the East of WW2Poland is still controled by the Russians). France, U
  3. It can be also a timelapse to see how your Empire has rised
  4. This topic is here for people who want to post their empire pictures here It can be a Luxemburg Empire or Andorre Empire
  5. June 1944 : Axis forces have landed in North America Only USA & Canada are the only Allied countries left in the World The Axis Forces are composed of Thrid Reich, Italy & Japan Empire Who is gonna win ? Take the lead of USA or Canada & defend Democracy by putting the Axis out of America Or Take the lead of the Axis Forces & make your way to the final victory 1546989538299acwrgbii.zip
  6. XGamer50

    My Game crash

    Hello Guys Since some times, I'm facing a big problem. I play the game normally without modifying anything. Then I turn off my computer. But When I restart it & want to play AoC 2, the game crashes at 99% I didn't modify anything that can broke the game The only fix is to reinstall the game but I lose my work at the same way Can you guys give me a better solution to this problem ?
  7. Why do not add a event for United Kingdom named Canadian Independance ? Choices : Let the Canadians be independant No way ! Canada is ours
  8. I added 4 formable Civilizations -Holy Roman Empire (Austria,Austria-Hungary,Prussia) -Franco-British Union (France,England, United Kingdom) -European Union (France,Italy,UK, Spain,Germany) -Union (USA,Canada,Mexico) formable_civs.zip
  9. Go to game files -> map -> Earth -> scenarios
  10. The Spanish Civil War Scenario is here Lead the Nationalist troops to the victory Change History by instead leading the Republican troops to the victory Or make a decision with France to join the War 1547415345658kpvsjhut.zip
  11. Are you going to reply every thing that I'm going to post or what ? Yes, I made a mistake, It's Franco-British Union
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