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  1. XGamer50

    Coat of Arms: 1836.

    Why do not add a event for United Kingdom named Canadian Independance ? Choices : Let the Canadians be independant No way ! Canada is ours
  2. XGamer50

    Road to Hell : A European War 4 : Napoleon Mission

    Yeah, I'm still playing it
  3. XGamer50

    Road to Hell : A European War 4 : Napoleon Mission

    Hmm, what do you think about the scenario ?
  4. I added 4 formable Civilizations -Holy Roman Empire (Austria,Austria-Hungary,Prussia) -Franco-British Union (France,England, United Kingdom) -European Union (France,Italy,UK, Spain,Germany) -Union (USA,Canada,Mexico) formable_civs.zip
  5. XGamer50

    Spanish Civil War

    Go to game files -> map -> Earth -> scenarios
  6. XGamer50

    Spanish Civil War

    The Spanish Civil War Scenario is here Lead the Nationalist troops to the victory Change History by instead leading the Republican troops to the victory Or make a decision with France to join the War 1547415345658kpvsjhut.zip
  7. XGamer50

    French-British Union

    Are you going to reply every thing that I'm going to post or what ? Yes, I made a mistake, It's Franco-British Union
  8. XGamer50

    French-British Union

    The French-British Union was a project to unite France & United Kingdom during the World War 2 in one country Unfortunaly, the project was never realized because of France surrender to the Germans I have create the Union in AoC 2 : To make the Union real, you have to : Unite France & United Kingdom (not England) 1547336020995skzjrnhe.zip
  9. I present a Scenario Pack with 4 scenario 1st Balkan War : Ottoman Empire vs Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania,Greece Brother War : German Empire vs Austria-Hungary Mussolini Rebellion : Italia vs Roman Empire Communist Revolution : French Commune vs France I also give you a WW1 scenario made by War Master, a youtuber Link of War Master Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo-jrdqogzBkyvMUhTwHpxA Link of WW1 scenario file http://q.gs/EZizu XGamer50scenarios.zip
  10. XGamer50

    French Modder

    Je suis français et je suis plutôt sur la création de scénario
  11. Hello , everyone Here is my first scenario made in Age of Civilization II This mission can be familiar for a few people In fact, this scenario is inspired from a game named European War 4 : Napoleon made by Easytech It's the last USA mission In this mission, USA is based in England, Spain & a part of France The First French Empire is with Switzerland to face USA but also the Coalition : Prussia, Austrian Empire & Sardania 1547316299611kuuvnwin.zip
  12. XGamer50

    Flag Competition

    3 French-British Union flag Which one is the best ?