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  1. I downloaded it, it runs, but the game immediately crashes when it's done loading. Did i do something wrong?
  2. Unfortunately, I have lost all progress on this. I have to make the scenario (and all province states) again.
  3. Same thing I got. you just got to figure out a way around it.
  4. Hope that there's Vatican City and all the Caribbean island nations on the map. Good job though, must have been a lot of work.
  5. Vexodym

    More Provinces

    I am glad the Alaskan panhandle is fixed. Now you have the most provinces of any map!
  6. Vexodym

    More Provinces

    Also, why is no one mentioning how wrong Salzburg is? Just a suggestion
  7. Vexodym

    More Provinces

    These are the proper borders of Galicia. I would like to see them as provinces (yes I know a couple of these are already provinces)
  8. I had combined all regions maps together, and started work on more. I expect 2000 civilizations by the end of this.
  9. Unfortunately, I have decided to not continue the campaign Because I am tired of putting down endless rebellions I am doing nothing but throwing money at rebellions that pop up in the same places all the time. This makes me unable to use the money for wars, which makes me a sitting duck. I am done with this. I have done everything, which includes assimilating, raising happiness, improved economy, and what do I get? Rebellions I often only have few thousand in the treasury, which is not enough to fend off invasion from a strong enough nation, all because of some ABSOLUTELY DUMB AND POINTLESS REBELLIONS. I hope the people understand, but this is mentally draining.
  10. Ok, that's what I thought about doing too
  11. United States, Portugal
  12. Vexodym

    More Provinces

    Cannot wait!
  13. This looks real good. All it needs is new flags.
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