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  1. By Halloween if I buckle down to get it done, (31st of October)
  2. I am off track with my plan, but I added the 38th parallel in Korea.
  3. Look at this, also I am a map nerd, this pains me a lot.
  4. Sure, but my map won't be done for awhile.
  5. Yes, but some smart alecs are gonna request me to redo Siberia
  6. I plan on adding internal administrative borders first, like the states. (pray for me when I start doing Russia)
  7. It will be balanced when I am done. Not difficult to do
  8. I am nearly done with Poland, and afterwards, complete Germany -Added more provinces to Warmia-Masuria region (East Prussia) -Added the Oder River provinces 4441 provinces total!
  9. Yes. I am free again now, so I'll be able to add that today
  10. When I know I am done with Europe. I did minor work there, mostly in Panama.
  11. Added about 11 provinces to Poland, all in this region! You would be amazed how many border changes happened in Upper Silesia,
  12. I have also wanted to show how many provinces I added for Germany. Germany now has more accurate state lines Germany has a total of 95 provinces, I am not even done with it yet. Hamburg and Bremen are more accurately sized (don't forget Bremerhaven!) I need to add Berlin next, both west and east.
  13. It has been a whole month, people, but I am back at it again! I have added about 11 more provinces to the US, and 2 more provinces to Canada Can you spot the changes?
  14. Vexodym

    Create world

    I wish you luck!
  15. Vexodym

    First Map

    Had to start over. I made Hong Kong, Macau, and starting Taiwan
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