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  1. Manitoba, Ontario. and Quebec is finished, and looks nice. An update for sure. Saskatchewan, Alberta. and British Columbia is next.
  2. Tall order, but yes, I do agree few mods pay attention to this area, even though it's home to several world-changing civilizations I'll cut the ribbon on this when i fix the British Raj border with China, and then I'll start work on it's internal states. India will be a b***h to invade afterwards. Let me complete Canada's state borders, and the PLC historical borders, then i will do this.
  3. Not related to progress or anything. but I started an 1812 scenario. I apologize for the brightness, I used my phone to take a photo. The Austrian Empire's borders are much more correct.
  4. I'll see what I can do. You can attach photos and files by making a reply, and selecting "choose files" at the bottom of your new reply.
  5. In the meantime, I've added 2 more provinces to Magdeburg (for 1440, and 1812) and the island of Phu Quoc. as one guy suggested. Added Berlin, but that needs fixing.
  6. Sure, I can get this done. Will take a lot longer though
  7. Any others to add? I may have forgotten something
  8. I have added Zaolzie, and split the large province further (red dots) Will work on the Slovakian half later. I added 5 more provinces to Oklahoma for territorial and historical border's sake
  9. It was difficult finding a comprehensive map for the area, but I did do my utmost best. Slovakia will have a small province though.
  10. Good map, but the way Venice is placed completely destroys the province of Veneto in northern Italy. Verona and Venice shouldn't be that close. Also, placement of cities is wrong. Major issue for me is how Louisville is placed in southern Indiana instead of Kentucky, as well as the placement of many various other cities around the world. I agree with a future redo of this map.
  11. Expect updates soon! I HAVE A NEW MOUSE!
  12. Can you show me the province?
  13. Yes. I will do the same for the Indus River
  14. If I were making this, I would make the American territories it's own nations, but under puppet control by the established country. (no real autonomy mechanic of course, and those territories weren't fully integrated) But the work with India is splendid! I never even heard of the Matsya Union, (as it did exist for only one year)
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