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  1. Vexodym

    Editing base map.

    While I am taking a break from my map, I have added on to the base map in-game. I have added Liechtenstein, San Marino, and the Vatican City. I have also made improvements to Galicia to have the proper borders for WW1 and WW2 3 other provinces added to give Bulgaria its pre-WW1 borders A small province in Eastern Macedonia has been added solely for the Ottomans, in WW1 (I also fixed Ottoman Hejaz, not shown here) I have added 10 new provinces in all, what should I add next?
  2. Vexodym

    First Map

    Finished Germany, will begin the Benelux Germany currently has 106 provinces, (excluding the North Sea, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Southern Denmark) Base game Germany has 60 provinces
  3. Vexodym

    First Map

    I completed Northern Germany, and the Rhineland *and part of the North Sea
  4. Vexodym

    First Map

    Added 11 provinces. My goal is to finish Northern Germany and the Benelux nations I am getting better on borders
  5. Vexodym

    First Map

    This is my first ever time working with the map editor. I chose to use a modified Vicky II world map as first attempt. So far I made East Germany. which contains 32 provinces while the base map contains 18 provinces I hope I am doing it right
  6. Vexodym

    Create world

    You download the map editor. to make a new map, copy the editor to a new file. There is a file called "editor_data", where you need to clear all the cities and mountains notepad. You also select a map you want to make, and replace the "bg" file. (It has to be PNG). There is another file in editor_data that is "Provinces" where inside lies "mapAoC2_v2". Open it with Notepad and clear all province data from the notepad. It should work by that point. Once you finish your first province, press "Enter" key to generate it. Close the program and there should be a "PROV" file sitting underneath the config_editor. Rename it to"0" and create a new folder called "Provinces" to hold all of your generated provinces. (the provinces need to be in order, like "1,2,3,4" and not "1,3,6,8") After which, generate another province you created, and label it "1". Do this for the amount of provinces you plan to create
  7. I hope you will continue on with the project. So many people promise a new map like this but either they have quit or haven't updated. Serious luck with this m8.
  8. Slovenia's western border does need fixed (Just a minor nitpick,) But this automatically looks better than Project Alpha. Cannot wait! (Also, will there be San Marino, Vatican City, and Sealand? lel)
  9. "This made Hitler's father very angry, so he punished him severely"
  10. I downloaded it, it runs, but the game immediately crashes when it's done loading. Did i do something wrong?
  11. Unfortunately, I have lost all progress on this. I have to make the scenario (and all province states) again.
  12. Same thing I got. you just got to figure out a way around it.
  13. Hope that there's Vatican City and all the Caribbean island nations on the map. Good job though, must have been a lot of work.
  14. Vexodym

    More Provinces

    I am glad the Alaskan panhandle is fixed. Now you have the most provinces of any map!
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