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  1. Happy Haloween!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vexodym

    1250 AD

    120 Civs
  3. Vexodym

    1250 AD

    100 CIVS
  4. Vexodym

    1250 AD

    Don't know why I chose the HRE first over France, You are looking at 80 civs now
  5. Vexodym

    1250 AD

    In my bits of spare time. I decided to use the HOI4 map for my newest work, 1250 So far, I only finished Iberia, which has 19 nations currently France will be next
  6. Time is not on my side right now. Next update may be Monday or Tuesday
  7. Vexodym

    Risk Europe

    Axis and Allies will be next lol
  8. Vexodym

    Risk Europe

    I got bored, and I came up with a scenario based off of Risk Europe
  9. Italy will be done next because the internal state borders are wrong
  10. I can do the border change around Suwalki
  11. Your custom nation should have a tag. In flagH and flag you should put down your flag that has the same tag as your civ. (Make sure it's PNG) In your civilizations_editor folder, go to your custom nation (bottom file is always most recent) Enter your civ file and save the top file and put it in the civilizations folder and the civilizations_information folder. Then go to language folder-->civilizations-->bundle.properties. Enter your tag and your civilization name beside it. It should look like template = template name (Make sure to save) If you want government flags for
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