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  1. Vexodym

    Game of Thrones

    Keep up the awesome work! So many people give up on their map building.
  2. Saw this in one of my spectator games.
  3. I still wish for Liechtenstein, St. Kitts and Nevis, San Marino, and Vatican City physically added to the map
  4. So far, everything is nice about the mod. But I am annoyed with how some flags have question marks, or the ideologies of a nation don't have flags. Just a nitpick.
  5. Oof, I am seeing all of this new stuff as I just installed the beta version.
  6. He wants to make occupied provinces, like, those provinces that are stripped when you are occupying part of a country.
  7. That would defeat the purpose of a challenge to form that nation.
  8. Vexodym


    The scenario works, but the events are missing.
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