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  1. Android: download from the given link, allow from unknown sources (I think), and just let it download. PC: The only way I know how to use it is bluestacks, which is free. Download bluestacks, on the side bar look for the icon with 'A-P-K' on it, select the A-P-K file, and download it onto the emulator. Shortcuts such as 'r' and 't' won't work since it is the mobile version, it may take some getting used to.
  2. Do you guys think that he's going to post sneak peeks on his youtube channel, like he did for aoh2?

  3. Mod is pretty good imo, I played it on pc using bluestacks. Can't wait for the next update!
  4. okay then, challenge accepted. I will do the 1440 Komi one and attempt to get rank 1. Might start on monday.
  5. I'm posting this to state that I wont be on this forum for the weekend. I am still taking challenges today, and will also do them next week.
  6. I've been playing AoC2 project alpha mod and was wondering if anyone had a real challenge to send me. If you request, I can provide screenshots to prove I did them too.
  7. THIS is how you apologize: Seabseab2, i apologize for the wrongful accusations i've made against you, and hope that this argument doesn't continue.
  8. this apology is quite garbage, considering you aren't even sincere. i can teach you how to lose some pride and make an actual apology. My baby cousin could apologize better than you.
  9. Oh, my bad. I was typing that up before reading your reply.
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