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  1. okay then, challenge accepted. I will do the 1440 Komi one and attempt to get rank 1. Might start on monday.
  2. I'm posting this to state that I wont be on this forum for the weekend. I am still taking challenges today, and will also do them next week.
  3. I've been playing AoC2 project alpha mod and was wondering if anyone had a real challenge to send me. If you request, I can provide screenshots to prove I did them too.
  4. Can you guys pls make online multiplayer mod too? that would be epic
  5. THIS is how you apologize: Seabseab2, i apologize for the wrongful accusations i've made against you, and hope that this argument doesn't continue.
  6. this apology is quite garbage, considering you aren't even sincere. i can teach you how to lose some pride and make an actual apology. My baby cousin could apologize better than you.
  7. Oh, my bad. I was typing that up before reading your reply.
  8. yo this dude really about to make me repeat myself.
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