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  1. okay then, challenge accepted. I will do the 1440 Komi one and attempt to get rank 1. Might start on monday.
  2. I'm posting this to state that I wont be on this forum for the weekend. I am still taking challenges today, and will also do them next week.
  3. I've been playing AoC2 project alpha mod and was wondering if anyone had a real challenge to send me. If you request, I can provide screenshots to prove I did them too.
  4. Can you guys pls make online multiplayer mod too? that would be epic
  5. THIS is how you apologize: Seabseab2, i apologize for the wrongful accusations i've made against you, and hope that this argument doesn't continue.
  6. this apology is quite garbage, considering you aren't even sincere. i can teach you how to lose some pride and make an actual apology. My baby cousin could apologize better than you.
  7. Oh, my bad. I was typing that up before reading your reply.
  8. yo this dude really about to make me repeat myself.
  9. I don't know how many times i need to drill this through your head, but not everything is related to a movie. I really hope you know that the real child here is the hypocrite who says that i'm the kid who wants the last word, as you create a post to try and get the last word. You haven't tried to give up, and the closest you got to even trying to give up was when you said yeh after i said im not tryna to continue it, but then you proceed to double down to try and make it look like you aren't in the wrong. Not once have i cursed, so if you keep on with the cursing, ill tell your mommy, and she
  10. I wrote those insults because , not only did you accuse me of offending you, but you also accused me of attacking the creator. I proceeded to destroy you because of that, but you probably still won't understand or give up
  11. Good grief, it looks like you just won't end this conversation until you get the last laugh. I hope you know that comedy is objective and diffrent types of comedy is for different types of people. You cant tell me what the author does or does not think about my joke, because you are not him. since you aren't him, stop trying to defend him, he doesn't need your help. also, i dont think you even have humor, because this all started from you taking a joke too seriously, although i admire the fact you actually apologized about taking the joke too seriously. (its past noon where i am btw)
  12. i was not being impatient, i was just making a joke about how i had been waiitng for the release of this mod. if i said it like "Bruh its been like a year and nothing has been released omgg whats taking so long" ,then you and him could say i was being impatient, but i didnt say it like that, i said something very simple, which was "has it been a year or am i just tripping"
  13. alright, but did he admit he was wrong for what he did though?
  14. i'd hate to say it, but im probs not gonna stop until he does
  15. This is probably the last reply I'll be making, considering I'm starting to think English is not your primary language. Firstly, a bad guy isn't always related to a movie, it could just be an immoral person. This just comes to show you haven't experienced much in the real world. (And you also haven't experienced correct punctuation, considering there are more than five errors In your reply.) You also seem to think that communities can't be toxic, hateful, or negative. This isn't a very good opinion though, since there are communities built off of toxicity or hatred towards certain groups
  16. You must not know what a joke is, because i was not offending the creator of this mod. you started this whole argument by trying to tell me to stop commenting because i said "no, i don't think i will.", but you cant seem to stop yourself from playing the victim card when confronted. I have not attacked you, nor have i attacked other people. I have only been replying to the white knight comments you tried to make to get good boy points from the creator. YOU shouldn't be in this community if you're sensitive enough to get butthurt about a simple joke i made, and say that i "attacked" you, and tr
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