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  1. Warning - This mod is nowhere near done yet, I am currently doing extensive planning so that actual development of the mod will be fairly quick. Planning is well underway, but this mod will be fairly expansive, so please be patient. Desperate Measures: an Age of Civilizations 2 scenario - beginning in 1930 What if World War 1 happened differently? History: 1914 - The British Naval Blockade never is set up, allowing the German populace to stay alive throughout the war. 1917 - The Zimmerman Telegram is never intercepted, and Mexico joins the war on the side of the Central Powers.
  2. I like how this one is looking compared to the other ones, excited for the release! Also, the comic sans is neat lol
  3. If I could control Rewind... I would want AoC2, and Drew Durnil. Aww! That's hot! Thaaat's hot!
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