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  1. Warning - This mod is nowhere near done yet, I am currently doing extensive planning so that actual development of the mod will be fairly quick. Planning is well underway, but this mod will be fairly expansive, so please be patient. Desperate Measures: an Age of Civilizations 2 scenario - beginning in 1930 What if World War 1 happened differently? History: 1914 - The British Naval Blockade never is set up, allowing the German populace to stay alive throughout the war. 1917 - The Zimmerman Telegram is never intercepted, and Mexico joins the war on the side of the Central Powers. Due to the war, the US couldn't send many supplies over to the Brits. The British population is starving. 1918 - The February revolution is successful, but the October revolution never happens. Instead of the Russians, Britain is the one facing a communist revolution. The Union of Britain is established, and they exit the war. However, the war is still won by the Entente. Germany is notably in a better position by the end. (the most important parts of) Treaty of Versailles: - Eupen to Belgium - Alsace-Lorraine to France - North Schleswig to Denmark - German colonies in Africa to France (Germany is allowed to keep Namibia and German New Guinea) - Most British colonies are split into independent nations - British Carribean islands are ceded to the US - Baja California is ceded to the US - Poland is created from Russian and German land, but not Danzig - India is entirely independant - Ireland is entirely independant 1919 - The German population, angered by their loss in the war and inspired by the British, begin to revolt for communism to be installed. A civil war breaks out, and Namibia and New Guinea gain their independance. 1919 - A communist civil war also exists in Austria, and the two wish to unite. 1920 - In Germany, the communists are victorious, and the Union of Germanic Socialists (UGS) is born. They ally with the Union of Britain. In Austria, the communists are defeated. The UGS condemn Austria, and vow to get revenge. 1921 - The British government-in-exile is installed in Canada, forming the Anglo-Canadian Republic. 1925 - The Chinese Civil War ends much sooner, and Mao Zedong's communists, allying with the Union of Britain and the UGS, are victorious. 1926 - A man known only as "Hilter" creates a dictatorship in Argentina. 1927 - In an act of agression, the PRC, UGS, and Union of Britain, all wage war upon the progressively weakening Japanese state. Japan is vassalised by China, who take ownership of all Japanese colonies. The 4 nations then officially create an alliance, the Manchester Pact. 1928 - In response, France and Russia create an opposing alliance, the Democratic Internationale. This is where the scenario begins. With Japan, China, Germany and Britain under the influence of Communism, and them proving that full-on war is not an unviable option, where does the world go from here? I will also be adding many events in lieu of HOI4-style focus trees. (by the time development is complete, for every nation, hopefully) Thank you all very much for reading this post. If you have any questions, suggestions, or, hell, if you want to help out, just reply! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Peace out!
  2. I like how this one is looking compared to the other ones, excited for the release! Also, the comic sans is neat lol
  3. If I could control Rewind... I would want AoC2, and Drew Durnil. Aww! That's hot! Thaaat's hot!
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