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  1. 17 minutes ago, Suzema said:

    (PC) If game crashes after install, check your game version, mod needs the latest version 1.01415_ELA, at earlier version it didn't work. 

    (Android) If game crashes or stuck at downloading, or didn't installing - try delete other AoC mods/game if you have and don't forget to delete old version of BEII before installing


    (PC) I do have the latest version, I think the problem is within the map folder of the mod ( the Age of civs. JSON file ) and I while trying to fix it I fucked everything up even more 

  2. Soo I know that there is already a tributary system where you can an % amount of income from vassals but I was thinking about a bit more complex system, so let`s begin. First of all, tributary states aren`t necessary vassals of any civ. , so it would be nice if Lukasz or any modder out there could implement a system wich lets you send demands to civs. of your choice to become a tributary state, wich in exchange it won`t increase the amount of money gained per turn but the tributary state must pay a certain % amount of money every year and the maximum % that you can demand is 45%, the higher the percentage is the higher the tributary civ. wants to stop paying tribute and decrease relations. It would be also nice to implement a ''make tributary state'' option in peace deals, and the ability to sop paying tribute if you`re playing as a country wich pays tribute to another, wich gives the country who established the tributary a casus belli wich could declare war on . Now time to get to the other list of suggestions:

    New constructions:-Mines: Mines can be constructed only in mountainous provinces, the required tech level to construct would be 0.50 and it brings a +7% population growth, a +13% economy growth and a +20% income to that province, also the price would be 24000 gold

    -Religious buildings:-Religious buildings differ from the location of the civ. , they would all have the same bonuses: +3% pop. growth, +2% income and +1% economy growth and+1% happiness  and the price to build religious buildings would be 2500 gold


    The ability to change the name of alliances: Nothing much, but for the fact that it will allow you to change the name of the alliance that you have created with 1 or more civs.


    Civs. buffs: Ottomans, Muscovy, Some japanese states, Aztec Empire, Austria, Bohemia


    Civs. nerfs: Hungary, Ming, Mamluks, Timurids 


    Trade routes: So trade routes would be consist of 2 types: land routes and sea routes. Land routes would lead to important land cities ( Berlin, Vilnius, Moscow, etc.) and would bring a +5% income and +3% economy growth, while sea routes would lead to important cities with sea access ( Rome, Tokyo, Venice, Genoa, etc.) and would bring a +17% income and a +9% economy growth in the province with the city



    These are my suggestions for the game, hope this game becomes the ultimate budget grand strategy game 

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