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  1. Hi, i find your idea very intresting, i'd like to be the kingdom of Italy and (if you can) Corse, and have as capital Milan. the colour would be R:223 G:228 and B:0 this is the flag i'd like to have, if i've scaled it correctly you should be able to put it directly as it is now. good luck with this project and thank you.
  2. I'm sorry but i had to use google translate to understand what you were saying so im not sure if you are angry and insulting me or just joking, in the second case i am sorry to have misunderstood your message and i apology for what i am going to write; I was just joking, just joking, do you know that any jokes have a victim? it wasn't even something to get angry for, and it was even a pretty boring one! I didn't even told one about the siege of Malta of some other embarassing thing like that because the Romans had their almost-impossible-to-lose battles but managed to fail too, i s
  3. i meant it maybe was a too much to do
  4. SamueleNX


    Samuele hurt himself in the confusion!
  5. Just released, it's not that good but the events work and i had no previous exp. with them
  6. łukasz i know it is stange but download age of conquest on your PC (it’s f2p), the map editor of that game is absolutely gorgerous and i just love it, i think you should create something as simple and easy to use as that editor, it would highy increase the number of maps on this forums and maybe attract some new customer. P.S. Don’t worry, you game is much better than any other on ios or android and even of some paradox games (like march of eagles)
  7. ENG 829 A.D. A year after the theft of Saint Mark's Body the Abbassid are about to discovered that the fault of the theft was Venetian and probably they'll declare war soon after, the only chance for the doge is to find a powerful ally and hope for the best. This is an ucronistic scenario where the Abbasids actually become angry to the Venetian after this actually happend fact. When i'll be able to make the events work the scenario will be published, the map is based on the eu4's extended timeline mod. The scenario has been updated! now it comprise the iberian and the
  8. Ho espanso questo scenario aggiungendo le regioni di qualche altro paese vicino e modificando le bandiere, ricorda che quando crei uno scenario con civiltà personalizzate dovresti non solo lo scenario in se ma anche le civs., mi piacerebbe collaborare con te per espandere maggiormente il territorio coperto da questa mappa, quì puoi trovare la mia versione dello scenario e quì, invece, puoi leggere come creare bandiere personalizzate con photoshop, io ho scaricato le bandiere e tagliate (nel caso di bandiere bi o mono colore) o ridotte con paint. Nel caso accettassi il mio invito messaggia
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