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  1. Ramiro007

    La letra ñ

    eh el juego tiene un teclado virtual asi que supongo que la ñ esta
  2. Well,to be honest i have seen this little shitfest and i want to share my opinion: First of all,dont take it too hard but you literally put other mods/scenarios without consent,ask the creators of these if they want to be in the mod otherwise its just plain and simple stealing other peoples work.I dont have anything against animals but let me tell ya there are even more pressing matters than animals being in the street goddammit there is even people without houses out there.In any case,i think you really should 2 things: -Ask for the consent of creators -Remove the,although well intentioned,download system.Its just too much of a hassle to do that for a mod thats not even original,i think i could emigrate to Wuhan before getting the mod. Just an opinion,dont take it badly mate
  3. mala mia,me habran cancelado la invitacion.Pudiste entrar?
  4. Santa Fe,es la primera vez que escucho de una escuela argentina dando portugues xD
  5. Oof sorry for answering this late,im afraid i cant help you bcs i have lost any interest in the game but i can tell you that i discovered that method experimenting so i suggest you do the same
  6. Subile la relacion al maximo,aliate y pedile union hasta que acepte Como las mujeres
  7. Yeah,dont push yourself too hard mate.And yeah i had a similar number of the bois in my version but i still grew too tired of the project,also thanks for adding me although im basically a corpse rn xD
  8. I have heard disturbing rumors about you being shiites alt but we all know you are an entirely different person.Still i would like to know what you have to say

    1. NOTShiite
    2. Ramiro007


      thanks for clarifying it sir

  9. Eurasia and Africa be like:BORDERGORE America be like:perfectly mapped i like it,nice work
  10. an epic return Nice to see someone wants to create a "special" scenario.After my attempt i can say i wish you the best of luck mate,its not easy to create a community scenario
  11. seh,lastima que no sirvio de nada.Como siempre nos organizamos en el discord,el foro ya no es el hogar de la comunidad
  12. About the religion discussion this is what I found in the game files:



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    2. Nateb143


      is there a mod for it?

    3. Ramiro007


      Nope,mainly bcs Lukasz himself didnt release the source code so the modders cant do more than superficial modifications to the game @Nateb143

    4. Nateb143
  13. Cosa de Lukasz y si,es triste.Tenia potencial el juego,como para ser el HoI/EU/Vicky para pobres pero bueno,este polaco no entiende nada xD
  14. sorry mate,im not european.Besides i said that a long time ago as a joke,sorry if it was offensive in some way,shape or form
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