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  1. jws29095

    Age of Civilizations II Wiki

    Well what you would have to do is make a subpage. Take for example: http://aoc2wiki.rf.gd/index.php/Beginner's_Guide what you would then do is http://aoc2wiki.rf.gd/index.php/Beginner's_Guide/ES or a signal that THIS PAGE IS SPANISH.
  2. jws29095

    290 BCE Scenario [Beta 1.8]

    Nice. Very good year to begin.
  3. The most import time saver would be a click and drag for units.
  4. jws29095

    Ability to annex vassals

    At one point you just wanna be like: "Hey vassal, can i annex you since you don't want to revolt because your benevolent dictator is nice and/or absentee"
  5. jws29095

    Ability to annex vassals

    Hmm. An integrate vassal button, as seen in most Paraxdox Grand Strategies does sound like a nice idea. It should cost x amount of Diplomatic Points and x amount of Gold.