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  1. NEWS: Pax Britannica has been cancelled.... unfortunately Android is a shoddy platform and the next round button will not work.
  2. Year: 1503 (turn 435) Jolly old England decided to do some New World colonization, the hard way. By fighting natives. Our first target is the Creek. It.. does not go well. After sending 2400 men to die across the Atlantic, I settle for taking Tallahassee, both allowing access to other tribes and depriving the Creek a port province. It should also be noted that England is facing some serous inflation (of about 1.3%) so we buy farms and ports, as well as build more armies because the more money going to maintenance means the less money I make per turn. GENIUS.
  3. Between the last chapter and this one there were 20 years of relative quiet and stability. This chapter picks up in 1490(turn 340). I'm in a conundrum: Do I side with Castile and eat tiny!France? Or do I side with my vassal and declare on Castile. Well I put it off for a few months until I kicked Castile from the alliance. So that is just what I did. Also Castile had some issues with Tunis and a separate minor. I reached technology 0.6 in June 1492 After a year and a half of flinging men into Castilian occupied lands and attempting to unsiege France, Aragon declare
  4. MP in a game such as this is both tedious and arduous. I'm pretty sure that It is feasible, though to what extent could one do such a thing is relatively uncertain. God Speed.
  5. Now working through more of the Wiki. I hope to finish this check list by July 1st.
    Wiki Checklist
    Provinces: ✔️
    Diplomacy Page: ✔️
    Golden Ages: ✔️
    Mechanics: ✔️
    Civilization List:
    Government Types ✔️
    Individual Civ pages(long goal)
    - Strategy for said major civs:
    Adding building upgrade names and stats: ✔️
    Meta Info:
    -Vis being very lazy: ✳️
    -iSP v. Lukasz
    -Light Mode/Dark Mode incident
    Scenario editing page:
    -associated subpages:
    Adding generally more content 🤷‍♀️ (it is a work in progress)
    Mod list page:
    AOC Page:
    AOC 2 Page
    Page on Luk-ass Lukasz: 😡
    More to come soon-ish

  6. I don't think it matters, simply due to the fact that B.C. is much more commonly distributed than the academic BCE.
  7. So here we are in 1462. Castile decides to call me into a war against Portugal. It goes well. Then Grenada of all people declare on me. So after finishing up with Portugal we smash the shit out of Grenada, and I take the province across the Strait of Gibraltar. Between 1469 and 1470 I take out the rest of the Irish Minors. Because I like France, and Burgundy is a wanker. I pay Burgundy to declare on France and we begin French expansion into Europe.
  8. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 (5/9/19) Chapter 3 (5/17/19) Chapter 4 (5/21/19)
  9. The 41 points are dolled out below. Starting in 1440, Richard begins building markets, farms and a library to increase income. In 1444 we began our Irish Unification Wars, with our opening move against Osraige in 1444. In 1448 I allied Castile, a major power on the Iberian Peninsula. I was lucky that Morocco declared before. I did NOT want to deal with a war against Morocco. In 1451, Castile and I joint declared against France. After 3 years of conflict, we peaced out in 1454 Castile gained 8 Provinces, I gained Paris and I vassalized France. In 1455 I annexed Thom
  10. load scenery? do you mean the map? also is this mobile or PC
  11. According to @Vis Tactius no one does AARs. Or at least no one does them seriously so I guess it's up to me. 🙂 I have set some very interesting goals for this campaign beginning in 1440 and ending in 1821, or basically the EUIV timeline. 1. Unite the British Isles by 1707 2. Colonize the eastern seaboard by 1600 3. Turn the map into the Vicky 2 English Colonial map by colonizing the areas shown in the attached image. Optional Goals 1. Reverse Hundred Years War: conquer France and get Paris. With or without vassalizing the rest of France. 2. Conquer Iberia a
  12. It's in the scenario settings before you begin.
  13. I am now an MOBILE PEASANT because the windows version of AOC2 is messed up. Shattered Union will be ported over... eventually.

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