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  1. Now working through more of the Wiki. I hope to finish this check list by July 1st.
    Wiki Checklist
    Provinces: ✔️
    Diplomacy Page: ✔️
    Golden Ages: ✔️
    Mechanics: ✔️
    Civilization List:
    Government Types ✔️
    Individual Civ pages(long goal)
    - Strategy for said major civs:
    Adding building upgrade names and stats: ✔️
    Meta Info:
    -Vis being very lazy: ✳️
    -iSP v. Lukasz
    -Light Mode/Dark Mode incident
    Scenario editing page:
    -associated subpages:
    Adding generally more content 🤷‍♀️ (it is a work in progress)
    Mod list page:
    AOC Page:
    AOC 2 Page
    Page on Luk-ass Lukasz: 😡
    More to come soon-ish

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